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cleanTabs 3.8

The new update adds a new minimalist theme, improved responsive appearance for previous themes, and more customization options. For more details check out the new preview page.

This update is Free for all existing customers

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4 thoughts on “cleanTabs 3.8

  • By John Newis - Reply

    i am running CleanTabs 2.0 and showing no available updates in RW.


    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      SPARKLE was not added to cleanTabs until version 2.5.

      You will need to manually update, which you can do using our Purchase Order Lookup page here:

      Alternatively, you can e-mail our support e-mail (contact page in footer below) with the e-mail address linked with the purchase and I can send you your purchase with downloadable links.

  • By Steve Mutch - Reply


    I have an issue with CleanTabs when I have embedded Google Maps and also a Twitter Feed. Seems that I need to be able to control a load onclick of the tab based on my search.

    One the above page I have 5 tabs.

    If I set the “1st Active Tab” to default of 1 then the Google Map doesn’t load fully on tab 2 and Twitter Feed doesn’t load on Tab 5.

    If I set the “1st Active Tab” to 2 Google Map loads perfectly and likewise (as is now) if I set “1st Active Tab” to 5 Twitter Feed loads perfectly.

    What I think this needs is the ability to trigger a full reload when you click a tab ideally able to set that on a tab by tab basis.



    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Steve,

      Would you happen to have a link to this so I could better inspect the code?

      For future reference, our support forum receives much more attention than our comments sections. You can find it here:

      Best regards,

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