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cleanTabs 2.0.0 Major Update

cleanTabs is one of our top selling stacks and we have received tons of requests over time, which has led to a huge update adding some awesome new features and some compatibility fixes.

  • Fully compatible back to Internet Explorer 8
  • Theme 1 compatible back to IE 7
  • Fully Responsive with controls to adjust to varying themes
  • 3 New Minimalist themes
  • Fix compatibility in some themes caused by CSS 3 backface-visible conflict
  • Improved backend interface
  • Reorganized customization options area
  • Customization option added – change the initial tab that is open
  • Width customization option default changed to 98% (fixes right-side border from cutting in some stack columns)
  • Firefox :focus outline fix (caused minor display issues)
  • Fixed issue where tab clicks would effect multiple instances of cleanTabs on a single page
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4 thoughts on “cleanTabs 2.0.0 Major Update

  • By Don Niam - Reply

    I received your update for clean tabs, if i go to my original invoice purchase and use that download link, will it update the clean tabs?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      You will need to install the file again – sorry for these extra steps. We are in the process of integrating our stacks with SPARKLE for automatic updates.

  • By Mick Turner - Reply

    Same problem as Don, all I get is v1 (not even the v1.3.7 from January). Can you update the link please Jeremy?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Mick,

      You got the right file, but I made a typo in the file’s name. Its fixed now though if you install the v1.0 it will display as v2.0 in the backend still.

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