cleanResponse Responsive RapidWeaver Stack

cleanResponse 1.5 Update

cleanResponse now includes control of collapsing positions for screensizes. You can turn the collapsing off and for odd numbered columns you can choose if top or bottom sections collapse into full width.

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3 thoughts on “cleanResponse 1.5 Update

  • By Josef Mirovský - Reply

    Hello, by the end of March I bought Clean Response v.1.0, how do I update to the new version? It’s Free? Thanks for the reply.

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Josef,

      The update is free and you can use our purchase order lookup page for downloading the new files. We are also in the process for SPARKLE integration into all our stacks and cleanResponse should come soon :)

    • By Josef Mirovský - Reply

      Thanks for the reply. Now I have updated everything. :)

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