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cleanQuotes 2.0.0 Update

  • New backend design
  • HTML5 Shiv added
  • Cleaned code to resolve some theme conflicts and increase speed performance
  • New theme options (Quote Cloud New)
  • Default theme changed to Quote Cloud
  • Icons stored as separate files – can insert own images now
  • Transparency option for all themes (Quote Box theme removed)
  • All themes can run background icon
  • Author Icon image changed to image drop box
  • Author Icon border on/off option added
  • Author Icon border limit increased to 10px
  • 7 more quote icons/image files included in package
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8 thoughts on “cleanQuotes 2.0.0 Update

  • By Robin Mair - Reply

    Do I have to buy this 2.0 version if I already own the original version?


  • By Allen Hird - Reply

    How do I download the free update?

  • By Reg Butterfield - Reply

    I have cleanQuotes and cleanAccordion and was sent an email re free updates. How do I download these? They have not shown up on my RapidWeaver application.


    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Reg,

      We don’t have SPARKLE integrated into those two stacks yet – something we hope to have up soon.

      In the meantime you can download the updates using our Purchase Order Lookup page.


  • By Richard - Reply

    If i install the rapidweaver 5 does it have any SEO features in it. I have trouble making any of my sites in wordpress do any good in the rankings?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Having a WordPress or RapidWeaver site won’t by itself help your ranking really. It’s more about just building your website correctly: a good title, meta description, and appropriate use of header tags throughout your content.

      Outside of that it’s really more important about what the rest of the internet says about your site. Depending on your site and it’s nature you could try registering it with directories such as Google Places, Yelp, etc. The more site’s that point to your site and say similar things about it that your site says about itself the better… though avoid any services that offer to do this for you – Google is very good at detecting spam and will penalize suspected attempts.

      Best of luck! If you’d like more info feel free to contact me over my support page.

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