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cleanAccordion & Augment Slide Update

cleanAccordion Updates:

  • Font Awesome is now stored separately as a folder, css file, and font files that can be added by dragging & dropping the folder into the Resources section of RapidWeaver. This change was made to avoid slowdowns from multiple calls to the files, which added tremendous slow-down when many cleanAccordions existed on a single page.
  • Some minor changes were made in the customization options (nothing was added or removed, simply improved from an interaction standpoint).

Augment Slide:

  • SPARKLE ready
  • Touchscreen devices will now activate/inactive the slide effect.
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3 thoughts on “cleanAccordion & Augment Slide Update

  • By paul - Reply

    can i get the accordion update? i just purchased it right before july 5th -

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Paul,

      Absolutely! If you have version 3.2.0 the update should appear available in the Stack icon when you’re in RapidWeaver. If running a version earlier than that then check out this article.

  • By Susanne Liedholz - Reply

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