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Awesome Maps 3.0 Update

This updates tons of cool new functionality to our Google Maps stack, much of which was requested by customers. Tooltips available on hovering over location that takes in separate stacks in Edit Mode, Tabs can be moved underneath the map, center on re-size to location, choice between entering Latitude + Longitude or the physical/mailing address, multiple locations visible at one time, and more color control.

This will update automatically for existing users
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Offer expires October 3, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Maps 3.0 Update

  • By Mathew - Reply

    I have Google Maps Location 2.0 and Google Maps Container 2.1.9

    So far no updates are appearing (although updates appeared this morning for some other Stack products). It seemed from your email that 3.0 was a free update for 2.0 users. Is that correct? Or is it just taking awhile for the Sparkle update to kick in?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Mathew,

      Yes this is a free update. The inner stack wasn’t set up for SPARKLE correctly and needs to be manually updated.

      You can manually download using our Purchase Order Lookup page.

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