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Change Your RapidWeaver Theme’s Default Font

I’ve had a customers ask me over time how to change the global font in RapidWeaver.

Of course you can manually change the font, but you’d have to do it page after page, section after section, sure would be easier to set a new global font if the theme you were using implementing font selections different that the one you wanted.

Fortunately, with some simple CSS that’s not a problem.

Step 1: Locate your Page Inspector (example):

RapidWeaver Page Info Button Screenshot

Step 2: Select Header (example) and then CSS:

Page Inspector's Header Button

Step 3: Finally, enter the following code and that should do the trick:

 * {font-family: arial, tahoma, sans-serif}

You can, of course, change the fonts listed to meet any font you would like (custom fonts will require the importing of font files or linking to the remote font server, such as Google’s Web Fonts). Note that whatever font is on the left will be loaded first and every font to the right is a fallback in case the font does not or cannot load.

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4 thoughts on “Change Your RapidWeaver Theme’s Default Font

  • By Aisha - Reply

    So maybe I need to just bite the bullet and reinstall Firebug to get this sorted, but what on earth is wrong with this working for sidebars?

    I understand asterisks are meant to override many functions, but this doesn’t seem to count in either the Cameo or some other themes. What am I doing wrong?

    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Aisha,

      You can try adding an !important tag, so like this:

      * {font-family: arial, tahoma, sans-serif !important;}

      Also, if you use Google Chrome you don’t need any extensions (i.e. FireBug). It also runs a lot faster than Firefox in my opinion.

      Let me know if that does/doesn’t work. Also, fi you send me any links I can help a bit more :)


  • By Peter Boodts - Reply

    A client wants a site using the comic sans font
    is this possible ?



    • By One Little Designer - Reply

      Hi Peter,

      It is possible and Comic Sans is considered a web safe font, simply meaning that all or nearly all computer support it, so you will not need to upload any font files to call it in.

      I recommend wrapping whatever element you want to change the font of in a span tag with a class first:

      <span class=”comicSans”>Your text</span>

      After that go to the Page Info > Header > CSS section and add this:

      .comicSans {
           font-family: "Comic Sans MS" !important;

      There is a shorter way to do this, but I’ve found this method more compatible in most themes.

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