SPARKLE Update 1

In the first round of updates all the following Stacks are now SPARKLE ready.

  • Simple Buttons Pro
  • Simple Videos
  • Simple Divider
  • Simple Text
  • Cyklone Links
  • Cyklone Pix
  • Parallax Stacks

Many Stacks are also re-categorized in your Stacks section depending on certain Stack categories we’ve created. Categories right now include: 1 Little Designer, 1 Little Designer – Simple Series, 1 Little Designer – cleanSuite, 1 Little Designer – Augment Complete.

To update please use our Purchase Order Lookup page… for the last time when it comes to Stacks most likely 🙂

Due to the update please remove your previous version of the Stack – note that this can cause all previously edited website’s using that stack to require being added again and customized. Please backup any information.

To delete previous Stacks simply click on them, then in the gear icon below select “Show in Finder” then remove the Stack.

Sorry for the inconvenience in that – it shall not happen again 🙂

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