Internet Explorer 10 Released

If the headline of this post didn’t interest you much then hats off to you – you’ve probably realized that Microsoft’s onslaught of advertisements, as impressive as they were, had little to no truth in them and the Internet Explorer (IE) is perhaps the worst internet browser on the market. Perhaps you don’t use IE for another purpose though… there’s probably a slew of reasons not to use it.

If you are a developer IE 10 does move in the right direction now finally supporting much needed CSS3 effects that pretty much every other browser already supports. On top of that you’ll still need to code accordion to IE 9 because IE doesn’t automatically upgrade its users (in any versions of the browser) and IE 10 requires Windows 7.

The browser does run a tested 20% faster, though if you are running Windows XP and upgrade to 7 to get IE 10 then your Windows software will now be running about 20% slower (or worse), which means your browser may not be running faster at all and now your whole computer runs slower.

If you are not a developer and you already have Windows 7 then the upgrade is a “no brainer” and you should definitely go download it. Though I’m guessing you will not notice too much change. Maybe it will launch a tiny bit quicker and you will now be able to see some of the cool CSS 3 effects such as gradients and transitions (subtle animation effects). However, you still will not have access to inspect code elements like you can in most other browsers now, which is a huge downside in my opinion.

My recommendation – if you haven’t already just forget IE all together and go get Google Chrome.

If you just can resist though, go ahead and upgrade to IE 10.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 10 Released

  • By Matt - Reply

    Don’t understand the comment about inspecting elements: Just hit F12 to bring up a full debugging tool.

    No, the real problem with IE 10 is it still doesn’t support many of the huge time-savers introduced in HTML 5, and it looks awful.

    A few examples:

    Instead of coding up divs with percentages for progress bars we can just use the meter element. Just supply a min, max, and value and your set.

    Web Font Rendering: Looks terrible, simple as that. Font’s are chunky and aliased.

    No support for the flexbox model: Positioning divs is a pain, flex, while not supported out of the box any browser except Opera, is still implemented as a beta project in FF and Chrome. With IE though: who knows when, if ever, it will be supported.

    Web Speech – missing, and will be for a long time. Granted only Chrome supports it right now, but man is it cool.

    Web GL – Not a huge item for most web sites, but still, not supporting this limits what can be done, as without IE support many will simply not use it.

    And so on. Many of those little things that HTML 5 bring to the table are simply missing, which is a huge pain in a very real way.

    Good things: I’m not a negative guy by nature so one thing I will say is IE 10 is indeed fast. Not just with JavaScript, but the far-less mentioned but arguably more important rendering engine.

    Things like carousels and sliders simply look the smoothest on IE. Basically anything that animates looks fantastic.

  • By Erwinus - Reply

    Every new version of IE fixes existing errors but always introduce new errors. Also at IE10, the new ‘flagship’, strange transparency glitch for example, implementing CSS other than others and yes, compatibility issues with JS. I have some examples here. Well done MS, after several years it is STILL NOT GOOD/WORTH IT!

    And, it doesn’t get any better, never, because it rely too much on the OS and the freakin’ (security) features. The policy of MS is outdated also all of there non-error-free products. Why is there always a problem with software of MS, why it is not out-of-the-box, reliable, error-free.

    This is not the way to go MS, it is 2013 and others do and can do better, change it or leave this planet. MS got no taste (look at Windows 8 for example), no humour (stupid nerdy jokes only MS can laugh at), no quality standards (they think only in selling points and ‘compatibility’ with their own products), wacky update policy for their products and don’t listen to their customers (tons of unnecessary features the customer don’t want).

    And about Ballmer, throw him away, he’s got an old vision on doing business.

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