Definition of Terms

Loop : Selected by default this option causes the marquee (typing effect) to repeat itself when finished – turning this off will cause the text only to be typed out a single time

Initial Delay : Set to 1 second by default, this controls the amount of time the stack allows to elapse before initializing

Typing Delay : Typing delay controls the speed at which the text is typed in milliseconds

Cursor : This turns on/off the | icon that is displayed at the end of the text

Blinking Cursor : This turns on/off the blinking animation of the cursor (as is common in most typing programs)

Blink Delay : The blink delay is the speed at which the cursor blinks

Animate Page Title : This on/off option type’s out the Page Title that is seen in the browser tab at the top and controlled in RapidWeaver in the Page Info > General section

Loop Title, Initial Delay & Type Delay : These options are the same above, but for the Page Title only

Custom Typewriter : This on/off option allows you to target an element outside of the Typewriter Pro stack

Select Element : This field is to match the ID or Class of the element – works as a CSS identifier, so you can also target the elements containers if necessary

Loop, Initial Delay & Type Delay : These options are the same above, but for the Page Title only

Cursor Classes & Text Classes : This allows you to add your own custom class to the cursor and text if you wish to make custom CSS edits of your own in the Page Info > Header > CSS section

Locating element classes/IDs

1) Enable the developer tools. Navigate to RapidWeaver > Preferences

RapidWeaver Preferences

Then Enable Web Developer Tools

Enable Developer Tools

2) View the page in preview mode, right click the element you wish to inspect and select “Inspect Element”

Inspect Element

In the next example I have inspected the page’s title

inspecting page title example

Notice how it is highlighted on the page according to what is selected in the code below. In this example, if I wanted to target the Page Title using Typewriter Pro I would first target the containing element since the title doesn’t have an ID or class of it’s own. I would target it like this:

<pre>.frameBlock h1</pre>