Seaworthy offers a plethora of unique styling controls. Let us go over each option in further detail.

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Applying Slider

Step 1:


Export your desired images on the Resources section of RapidWeaver. Resources is located on the leftmost side of the application. The slider corresponds to the images exported on this section, so take heed to this when applying them.

Step 2:


Locate the Seaworthy Slider Snippet on the Snippets section of RapidWeaver.


Further examination displays the code for the slider. Each sub-div within the sliderContent div registers as one slide for the slider. Apply another sub-div for two slides, and so forth.

Within each sub-div, there are five data-type options:

  • data-image-name: Insert the name of the image file on this section from the “Resources” section.
  • *data-split: This determines the transitioning animation for each slide (See below for all types of animations).
  • data-caption-header: Adjust the header for each slide.
  • data-caption-text: Adjust the middle text for each slide.
  • data-caption-cite: Adjust the bottom text for each slide.

*Data Split Animations:

  • horizontal
  • horizontal-right
  • horizontal-left
  • horizontal-clockwise
  • horizontal-counterclockwise
  • vertical
  • vertical-top
  • vertical-bottom
  • vertical-clockwise
  • vertical-counterclockwise

Step 3:


Attach the snippet onto the Header of the Header section of the Page Inspector. Refer to the image above for reference. At this point, your slider is active and ready for previewing. Remember to adjust the size of the slider on the Style Options section, since the default option for the slider is set to None.

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Extra Content Stack

*Applies to Stack page only.

Step 1:


Locate the Extra Content stack within your Stack Elements page. Apply the stack anywhere on the page.

Step 2:


Input the number value on the Extra Content stack’s option area. The number value dictates where the Extra Content stack will be placed:

  • 1 = Post-Header
  • 2 = Top Pre-Stack (Before Stacks)
  • 3 = Middle Pre-Stack (Before Stacks)
  • 4 = Bottom Pre-Stack (Before Stacks)
  • 5 = Top Post-Stack (After Stacks)
  • 6 = Middle Post-Stack (After Stacks)
  • 7 = Bottom Post-Stack (After Stacks)

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General Options

General options dictate the overall styling of the RapidWeaver page.

GENERAL: Header Width

Header width determines the total width of the header. Alternate between the traditional 960px or full width header.

GENERAL: Footer Width

Footer width determines the total width of the footer. Alternate between the traditional 960px or full width footer. To omit the footer, select “None”.

GENERAL: Sidebar Width

Footer width determines the total width of the footer. Alternate between the traditional 960px or full width footer. To omit the footer, select “None”.

GENERAL: Colours

Set general colours for the following:

  • General Background
  • Page Background
  • Title/Description Background
  • Header
  • Menu
  • Menu Hover
  • Footer Background
  • Footer Border
  • Footer Sitemap Divider
  • Sidebar Border

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Page Specific Options

Page specific options dictate styling specific to a particular RapidWeaver page.

PAGE SPECIFIC: Page Title/Description Width

Page Title/Description width determines the total width of the page title & description. Alternate between the traditional 960px or full width sizes. To omit the page title & description, select “None” (Applies to all pages involving the page title & description).

PAGE SPECIFIC: Presentation Style

Presentation Style allows the user to display their photos, movies, and miscellaneous files in either a gallery or list fashion (Applies to Photo Gallery, Movie Album, and File Share pages).

PAGE SPECIFIC: Lightbox Icons

Adjust the Lightbox Icons to either a light or dark color (Applies to Photo Gallery page).

PAGE SPECIFIC: Movie Preview Size

Adjust the size of the movie preview. Sizes are based on sizing options for Photo Gallery image previews in order to regulate page consistency (Applies to Movie Gallery page).


Set page specific colours for the following:

  • Title/Description Background
  • List Divider
  • Gallery Lightbox
  • Blog Link Background
  • Form Field Focus
  • Form Reset
  • Form Submit
  • File Share Title

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Slider Options

Slider options dictate the overall styling of the slider.


Adjust the size of the slider. User has the ability to alternate between the traditional 960 or full width, as well as the overall height of the slider.

SLIDER: Caption Position

Position the caption text to the left, right, or middle of the slider.

SLIDER: Colours

Set slider colours for the following:

  • Navigation Arrows
  • Slider Pagination

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Mobile Options

Mobile options dictate styling for the mobile navigation menu. (Viewable only on mobile devices).

MOBILE: Menu Shadowing

Enable shadowing for depth purposes.

MOBILE: Menu Highlighting

Adjust the navigation highlighting to either a light or dark color.

MOBILE: Colours

Set mobile navigation colours for the following:

  • Menu Button
  • Menu Background
  • Menu Link
  • Menu Link Hover
  • Menu Current Link

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Extra Content Options

Extra Content options dictate styling for the Extra Content Stack.


Enable max width for area within the Extra Content stack, overriding the page’s base width value.


Set extra content colours for the following:

  • EC 1 (Post-Header)
  • EC 2 (Top Pre-Stack)
  • EC 3 (Middle Pre-Stack)
  • EC 4 (Bottom Pre-Stack)
  • EC 5 (Top Post-Stack)
  • EC 6 (Middle Post-Stack)
  • EC 7 (Bottom Post-Stack)

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Text Options

Text options dictate styling for text.

TEXT: General Font

Adjust the font for the general content text.

TEXT: Page Title Font

Adjust the font for the page title.

TEXT: Site Title Font

Adjust the font for the site title.

TEXT: Site Description Font

Adjust the font for the site description.

TEXT: Heading Font

Adjust the font for heading text (h1, h2, h3, etc.).

TEXT: Colours

Set text colours for the following:

  • Page Text
  • Page Links
  • Page Navigation
  • Title
  • Description
  • Sub-Title
  • Sub-Description
  • Menu Text
  • Footer Text
  • Sidebar Text
  • Slider Title
  • Slider Blockquote
  • Lightbox Text
  • Form Reset Text
  • Form Submit Text
  • Fileshare Title

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v1.0.5 (July 3, 2014)

  • Removed duplicate meta data

v1.0.4 (March 7, 2014)

  • Font compliance with Stacks

v1.0.3 (March 5, 2014)

  • Desktop navigation menu loading time decreased
  • Slight padding on Sub-Title/Description
  • Site Page minimum height significantly increased, slight padding
  • Mobile landscape header height reduced

v1.0.2 (February 21, 2014)

  • Footer Sitemap spacing
  • Style Options reorganized
  • Border for mobile sidebar reorganized

v1.0.1 (February 20, 2014)

  • General text leading for legibility
  • Navigation menu no longer “bounces” upon initiation without slider
  • Spacing between movie preview & caption on Movie Album Page
  • Centered image (100% width) on Blog Summary/Page
  • Blog Categories/Archive/Tags reorganized

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