Linking to files in the Resources section of RapidWeaver

Drag and drop files into the RapidWeaver “Resources” section located on the left hand side of RapidWeaver’s back-end. Then in iconShare’s URL section simply begin the URL with the following:


Add the name of the file name between the parentheses in place of where I put “FILENAME.EXT” and you’re good to go.

Making File Links Appear in New Screens (v.1.0.1 or earlier)

Note: This feature is added as default for version 1.2.0 +If you would like your image files to pop up in new screens so your users do not lose their place on your website then you will need to paste the following snippet into the URL line AFTERyour web address:



iconShare Target Blank

Turn Title’s Text Shadow Off

If you do not wish to display the text shadow for the titles you need only use the following code. Insert the code into your Page Info > Header > CSS section.

.downloadButton {text-shadow: none}


v1.4.1 (October 29, 2013)

  • Group changed back to ’1LD Stacks’
  • SPARKLE added

v1.3.0 (October 15, 2012)

  • Individual customization added
  • Global customization removed

v1.2.0 (September 18, 2012)

  • Title & Description input boxes moved from custom items section to inside the Stack as “text” sections.
  • URL box no longer needs to be wrapped in quotations.
  • Anchor tags now have the target=”_blank” attribute added (links will open in a new window).
  • Images will no longer display the small text below them (only appeared when icon background was set to darker colors).
  • Image changes for some extension types.

NOTE if you are updating from a previous version it is important to know that all data from your Title & Description fields will be lost, so please copy this text before updating.
New file extensions added to PRO version:

  • .wpd (Word Perfect)
  • .wps (Microsoft Works)
  • .log
  • .dat
  • .sdf
  • .pages
  • .msg (Outlook message)
  • .pps (PowerPoint slideshow)

v1.0.1 (August 14, 2012)

This small patch fixes a conflict issue with Hang Glider where if you tried to activate both stacks in the past they would conflict in the back-end.

This issue is now resolved.

If you use both stacks I recommend re-downloading only iconShare (Free or Pro).