Font Awesome

Font Awesome (free)

Font Awesome is a free stack that allows you to use Font Awesome icons on any Stacks page. This is simply a importing tool to activate the use of Font Awesome. Most of our themes already have Font Awesome built-in, in which case you don’t need to add this to the page.

Many of our own stacks use Font Awesome, though when multiple instances of the stacks are called on a page they were calling Font Awesome over and over again as well. To avoid this so sites would run quicker we now provide this free stack :)

Font Awesome Importer Stack

1. Drag Font Awesome onto the page anywhere (it won’t display in preview or when the site is published). This allows you to start using Font Awesome.

Snippet File

2. Drag the Font Awesome snippet into any text/html section. Then change the class to any Font Awesome icon you wish to use – see full list here.

Go grab it on our RapidWeaver Stacks page.

Not Working?

There is a common issue caused by RapidWeaver’s auto-formatting where quotation marks are changed.

RW Auto Formatting Quotations

In the gif above you’ll notice how the quotation mark on the right hand side is straight at first, but then changes into a curly quotation mark… even though auto-formatting is turned off using cmd + .

The simplest fix for this is to copy the quotation mark on the left side and paste it over the one that changes on the right. If others change you will need to drag and snippet that comes with Font Awesome in again or create the code using a text editor first and then copy & paste it in.

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