Basic Use

Step #1: After installation, open Rapidweaver & select the Stacks page you wish to use Cyklone Links on. If you have not created a Stacks page, do so by clicking on the “Add Page” button in the top left corner of Rapidweaver. Then select the Stacks Page icon.

Add Page

Stacks Plugin Page

Step #2: Click on the box icon in the top left corner of the editor to open the “Stack Elements” list. Navigate down to the “1LD Stacks” section. Click & drag the Cyklone Links Icon into the stacks editor.

Stacks Elements

cyklone links button

Cyklone Links Urls

Step #3: Under the “Tags” section, enter each tag you wish to display & separate each tag with a comma (,)

Step #4: After you have entered a desirable amount of tags, insert the corresponding URLs into the “Destination URLs” section separating each URL with a comma (,). The easiest way to get a URL for your tag to link to is to navigate to the page (that you want to link to) in a browser & highlight the address & copy & paste it into the URLs section of Cyklone Links.

Cyklone Links Finished URLs

  • Each URL will pair up in the order you entered the tags
  • For any tag you wish not to have a link associated with, enter a hash tag (#), do not forget to add a comma after each URL or hash tag
  • Do not forget to include the HTTP part of each address (http://)

Adjust Position

To adjust the Position of the cloud use the Layout section of the stacks HUD Adjust the Detailed Padding or Margin to move the cloud left, right, or downward

Stacks HUD Layout

Adjust Size

To adjust the size of the cloud use the Layoutsection of the stacks HUDIncrease the Detailed Padding or Margin Left & Right values to decrease the size of the cloud

Stacks HUD Layout2


v2.0.0 (October 25, 2012)

  • 100% Responsive
  • Multiple clouds on a single page
  • Increase compatibility with other stacks and cyklonePix
  • Control of rotation speed of cloud
  • Control maximum & minimum size of tags
  • Fixed coloring issue in tags
  • Fixed other minor bugs