General Controls

cleanCarousel General Controls

  • Themes: Adjust the overall appearance of the cleanCarousel Stack using four preset themes (Default, Clear, Cutout, and Bubbled).
  • Min Slides: Displays the minimum amount of slides visible on the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Max Slides: Displays the maximum amount of slides visible on the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Move Slides: Adjust the amount of slides on the cleanCarousel to shift before the next interval of slides
  • Constant Run: All slides will move independently without pausing.
  • Pagination On: Enable pagers for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Page Color: Adjust the color for the pagers.
  • Add Controls: Enable controls for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Control Type: Adjust the type of controls for the cleanCarousel Stack (Angle, Double Angle, Arrow, Arrow Circle, Arrow Circle O, Caret, Caret Square O, Chevron, Chevron Circle,Long Arrow, and Hand)
  • Control Color: Adjust the color for the controls.
  • Automatically Start: When the preview page loads, cleanCarousel will immediately start.
  • Delay Time: Adjust the amount of time needed before cleanCarousel initializes.
  • Pause Time: Adjust the amount of time to pause between slide intervals.
  • Hover Pause: Hover over the cleanCarousel Stack to pause the slide intervals.

Slide Controls

cleanCarousel Slide Controls

  • Slide Width: Adjust the overall width of the slides for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Slide Margin: Adjust the gap space between each slide.
  • Slide Speed: Adjust the overall speed of slide intervals.
  • Grayscale Effect: All slides will be desaturated. Hover over the slides to return to its original color.
  • Transparent Effect: All slides are transparent. Hover over the slides to return to its original opacity.

Styling Controls

cleanCarousel Styling Controls

  • Add Carousel Color: Enable background color for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Carousel Color: Adjust the background color for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Add Borders: Enable borders for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Border Width: Adjust the width for the borders.
  • Border Radius: Adjust the roundness of the corners for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Border Color: Adjust the border color.
  • Add Shadowing: Enable shadowing for the cleanCarousel Stack.
  • Horizontal Shadowing: Adjust the horizontal axis of the shadow.
  • Vertical Shadowing: Adjust the vertical axis of the shadow.
  • Shadow Blur: Adjust the blur of the shadow.
  • Shadow Spread: Adjust the spread of the shadow.
  • Shadow Color: Adjust the color of the shadow.



v3.0.3 (November 27, 2013)

  • Font Awesome library installed into cleanCarousel!

v3.0.0 (July 17, 2013)

  • Now Sparkle Ready!
  • Inner Stack omitted; place content directly inside container stack
  • Resolved conflict with multiple Carousel instances on the same page
  • Carousel themes improved (an removed theme can be achieved with customization options)
  • Pagination added (including position & color options)
  • 9 button controls/arrows
  • Improved customization options section.

v2.1.5 (April 19, 2013)

  • Animation speed options no longer fixed – slider replaces drop-down menu.
  • Navigation .PNG buttons replaced with CSS3-styled buttons for better color control
  • Three types of buttons with full color customization
  • Button Range slider added to adjust distance of navigation buttons from the stack itself

v2.0.0 (April 19, 2013)

  • Constant Run (slow & constant cycling – hover stop disabled)
  • Button Types (2 styles and lots of colors)
  • Outer Buttons (displays buttons outside of carousel – padding needed)
  • Hover Pause
  • Grayscale Effect (modern browsers will show images in grayscale and color is restored when the mouse hovers over)
  • Transparent Effect {adds a transparency to images – full opacity is restored on hover)