Custom Background Image

Step 1: Click on Page Info in the upper right hand corner of the Rapidweaver window, and then click on Header.

Step 2: Click on the CSStab in the lower section of the Page Inspector and copy and paste the code from below into the text box.

body {background-image:url(%resource(NAME OF RESOURCE HERE)%);}

Step 3: Go to Resources in the upper left hand corner of the Rapidweaver window and add the photo of your choice from your computer.

Cabernet Add Resource

Step 4: After loading your resource, highlight the name and copy it.

Cabernet Gallery Image

Step 5: Paste the name in-between %resource( & )%);.

When you are finished the code should look this:

body {background-image:url(%resource(Gallery1.jpg)%);}

Note: Your image should be large enough to fill large screen resolutions, otherwise the image will repeat.