Scotty Stack Release + Icon Connect 2.2 Update

Scotty RapidWeaver Stack

Scotty Scotty is a RapidWeaver stack that appears on scroll events allowing viewers to return to the top of your page with a single click. Perfect for pages with lots of content and with the smooth animation there’s no visual confusion when users click it. 30% Discount Code: 30_scotty_042014 Offer Expires April 25, 2014 Check it out! Icon Connect 2.2 Update New effects and controls have been added to Icon Connect including gutter control, size control, newly vectored icons (supports larger sizes), and a coin flip animation effect. *This is a free update for existing customers 20% Discount Code: 20_iconConn_042014 Offer Expires […]

cleanTabs 3.8

cleanTabs Responsive jQuery Tabs

The new update adds a new minimalist theme, improved responsive appearance for previous themes, and more customization options. For more details check out the new preview page. This update is Free for all existing customers 20% Off Discount Code: 20_cleanTabs_022014 Offer Expires Friday 21, 2014 Check it out!

Awesome Maps 2.0 – Big Update

Awesome Maps

Custom Controls for Roadmap Map Layout Custom Title (only if Custom Controls is turned on – appears in top right controls as the name of the map style and allows users to switch back to default) Animate Icon (bounce) – nice animation effect for map markers when selected Custom Map Colors (availabe if Custom Controls is turned on) Highways, Arterial Roads (main roads), Local Roads (i.e. neighborhoods) Water Transit Lines & Transite Stations Land/Landscapes (Man Made & Natural) Turn on/off Map Controls: pan, zoom, map type, scale, streetview, overview map Advanced – API Address option ( by default, for […]

JuiceBox 2.0 – Big Update!

Juice Box 2.0

2.0 is a huge update that adds tons of improvements including a 600% speed performance, text captions section, video support, also you can place other stacks inside, new buttons & options, and tons more new controls. This update is FREE for all existing Juice Box users, though the new version has two stacks now, so please download using our Purchase Order Lookup page. 20% Discount Code: 20_juiceBox_012014 Offer Expires January 17, 2014 Check it out here! All Updates: Improved performance by ~600%. Benchmarks performed with animations turned off. Added support for text(captions), videos, and other stacks. Layout is 100% customizable. Buttons are svg, […]

Augment Pic 2.0 Update

Augment Pic

Augment Pic has undergone a huge upgrade making it a far handier tool to have when displaying engaging pictures on any page. New effects and image filters make this stack a photo or graphics display tool must. 20% Off Discount Code: 20_augmentPic_122013 Offer Expires December 27, 2013

cleanAccordion Update

cleanAccordion RapidWeaver Stack

Supports the new Font Awesome 4.0.3 – note the html for this version changed, so it will not work with earlier versions. This annoyed me a bit so I created a free Font Awesome stack – you can find our main page. Improved some CSS calls for browser compatibility New shadow controls – this might be advanced for some users. The default displays 0 1px 1px – the first 2 numbers control x and y axis, the third is blur Icon default position lowered slightly Removes target=”_blank” from anchor tag (link)

cleanLists 1.4.9 Update

cleanLists RapidWeaver Stack Logo

Changed sliders to number dials in customization options Anchor tag hover color corrected Default font sizes now added Improved various CSS code

cleanTabs 3.5.4 Update

cleanTabs Responsive jQuery Tabs

Bottom tabs now available for 4 themes (excludes the 2 folder themes) Minimal Border control – pixel size of border for Minimal Rectangle & Underline themes Customization options changes – some sliders made into number dials Container padding customization now available CSS coding improvements for more browser support in use of the effects Minimum Width customization option fixed Group changed back to ’1LD Stacks’

Phantom 1.5 – BIG UPDATE!

Phantom RapidWeaver Stack

Added font size control to the Knob/Dial version The Knob/Dial can now also display titles The Knob/Dial has an option to display titles only on mouse hover You can use custom icon images in both the button and Knob/Dial version of the stack, more info will be added to the tutorial page The Knob/Dial is no longer limited to 5 items, you can now add between 2 and 5 items You can now increase the size for the icons and titles to 30px The Buttons version now allows you to adjust the padding and spacing of the buttons Fixed various […]

cleanLists 1.4.0

cleanLists RapidWeaver Stack Logo

Removed links from the bullet list items, though it can manually be added again. Links will still automatically remain for “button” sections Added the new flat icon Returned to group ’1LD Stacks’ vs ’1 Little Designer – cleanSuite’ Text in cleanLists previously read by default: “(1) Select this text, (2) Create an unordered list in the upper toolbar – the icon is similar to the cleanLists icon, (3) choose one of the first list item images – cleanLists will override their appearance in Preview Mode.” Text in the same area now reads simply: “Create an unordered list in this section […]

cleanResponse 2.0 Update


cleanResponse 2.0.0 No Gutter Option 6th Column Added All Reduced to 1 Stack (previously 5) New Icon SPARKLE Ready 20% Discount Code: 20_cleanResponse_102013 Offer Expires October 11, 2013 Check it out!

Early October Updates

cleanBinders RapidWeaver Stack

cleanBinders 1.1.2 Removed Unnecessary Coding Added ‘break-word’ to Tab Text Size of Tabs Better Adjusts at 320px (iPhone Portrait) Simple Divider 1.3.3 Removed Unnecessary Asset Call & Files Spacing Control Over Both Top & Bottom Customization Section Improved

Simple Text 1.7.5 Update

Simple Text Free RapidWeaver Stack

HTML 5 Wrap On/Off Option Added Font Size Inherit On/Off Option Added Responsive Font Size On/Off Option Added Various Customization Section Improvements Cleaned Up Various CSS & JS Code

4 Small Updates

cleanAccordion RapidWeaver Stack

cleanTabs 3.1.0 Collapsible Advanced Option (allows tabs to be completely collapsed) Tabs tested to support Font Awesome without conflict – tutorial here cleanAccordion 3.3.2 New Flat Icons Added cleanQuotes 2.1.2 New Flat Icons Quote icons now available as Stacks Media (must re-download to install) cleanCaps 1.3.2 Added !important tags in CSS to fix some Theme conflicts New Flat Icons

cleanTabs 3.0 Update

cleanTabs 3.0 Flat Icon

The only responsive RapidWeaver jQuery tabs tool just got better! If you are an existing customer this update is free. If not, go grab a copy at 20%. Updates: New Flat Icon Improved Customization Section Various Input Fields Changed to Number Fields Added Depth to CSS to Resolve Certain Theme Conflicts Animation Option (on/off) Hashtag Appearing in URL Removed Background Transparency Option for Borders, Tabs, & Content (on/off) Inherit Styling Option for Text & Links (on/off) Border Inactive Hover Color Controls Static Width Option in Advanced Settings (can set to pixel or percentage width) 20% Off Discount Code: 20_cleanTabs_082013 25% Off […]

2 New Stacks & One Update

Phantom RapidWeaver Stack

Phantom Phantom is a navigational sorting tool that beautifully animates content based on categories that you decide. Create 1-10 of these categories in the sorting navigation section and items will beautifully animate with a jQuery masonry effect (such as seen in the Hang Glider stack). 30% OFF Discount Code: 30_Phantom_082013 Offer Expires 8/30/2013 Check it out! cleanSearch cleanSearch is a powerful search stack that allows you to create searchable content sections and a customizable search engine text tool. Searched content can animate into place or simple not show. Results can also be displayed in a drop down menu for quicker use. […]

cleanCarousel 3.0 Free Update

cleanCarousel RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

Now Sparkle Ready! Inner Stack omitted; place content directly inside container stack Resolved conflict with multiple Carousel instances on the same page Carousel themes improved (an removed theme can be achieved with customization options) Pagination added (including position & color options) 9 button controls/arrows Improved customization options section.

cleanAccordion & Augment Slide Update

cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion Updates: Font Awesome is now stored separately as a folder, css file, and font files that can be added by dragging & dropping the folder into the Resources section of RapidWeaver. This change was made to avoid slowdowns from multiple calls to the files, which added tremendous slow-down when many cleanAccordions existed on a single page. Some minor changes were made in the customization options (nothing was added or removed, simply improved from an interaction standpoint). Augment Slide: SPARKLE ready Touchscreen devices will now activate/inactive the slide effect.

cleanLists 1.2.2 Update

cleanLists RapidWeaver Stack

Renamed Fonts folder to eliminate Stack conflicts Added Font Awesome to the List Icons Major changes/improvements to Customization section Center text alignment option removed (unnecessary – already built into Stacks) !important tag added to cursor CSS to help override opposing styles

cleanResponse 1.5 Update

cleanResponse Responsive RapidWeaver Stack

cleanResponse now includes control of collapsing positions for screensizes. You can turn the collapsing off and for odd numbered columns you can choose if top or bottom sections collapse into full width.

cleanQuotes 2.0.0 Update

cleanQuotes RapidWeaver Stack Icon

New backend design HTML5 Shiv added Cleaned code to resolve some theme conflicts and increase speed performance New theme options (Quote Cloud New) Default theme changed to Quote Cloud Icons stored as separate files – can insert own images now Transparency option for all themes (Quote Box theme removed) All themes can run background icon Author Icon image changed to image drop box Author Icon border on/off option added Author Icon border limit increased to 10px 7 more quote icons/image files included in package