Booklit 2.0

Booklit 2 RapidWeaver Stack

Booklit 2.0 comes with several new features and fixes: A new fullscreen popup toggle that opens up Booklit in a definable size, a loader now displays as Booklit loads, new animation & styling controls, along with several other small additions and bug fixes. For all update details click here. This update is free for existing Booklit customers 20% Off Discount Code: 20_booklit_082015 Offer Expires September 4, 2015 Check it out!

Augment Mobile 2.0

Augment Mobile RapidWeaver Stack

Augment Mobile is a simple design assistant that allows you to display content inside devices. 2.0 adds the iPhone 6 and Macbook Pro as well adding in new alignment options and an iframe insertion option. This is a free update 25% OFF Discount Code: 25_auMobile2_082015 Offer Expires August 14, 2015 Check it out!

PURE 1.5

PURE 1.5

Pure Text New: Breakpoint options for complete control over Pure Grid’s Responsivness New: h1-h6 tags now have default values for quicker set up New: Settings menu has been set up to be more intuitive Fixed: Rotated text no longer gets cut off Pure Slider New updated icon Fixes an error that would sometimes cause the slider to keep loading Pure Menus New Offset option for single page menus, this provides better alignment when sections of the page are navigated to Increased how quickly the menu loads Minor bug fixes Pure Grids New: Breakpoint options for complete control over Pure Grid’s […]

cleanTips 3

cleanTips 3

cleanTips 3 is a complete redesign of our cleanTips stack and allows more versatility in it’s functionality. The ToolTip is no longer restricted to a small amount of text – you can now place in editable text, images, media, and even other stacks. If you already own cleanTips 2 your designs won’t be lost as this is a separate build and both are included in the package. This is a free update for existing customers 25% Off Discount Code: 25_cleanTips_062015 Offer Expires July 3, 2015 Check it out!

Augment Pic 3.0

Augment 3.0 RW Stack Update

Augment Pic now comes with 3 new caption animations and 4 new shapes to choose from. Along with a shortened & cleaner code approach and animation improvements, Augment pic is now faster and funner to use than ever before. This is a free update 25% Off Discount Code: 25_augmentPic_062015 Offer Expires June 19, 2015 Check it out!

Goldfish 2.0 Update

Goldfish 2.0 HTML5 Video RapidWeaver Stack

Goldfish 2.0 adds some cool new features including full screen background videos, background color controls, poster image for loading, captions, background overlay and more. This is a free update 25% Off Discount: 25_goldfish_052015 Offer Expires June 5, 2015 Check it out!

Facebook Connect 2.0

Facebook Connect 2.0 RapidWeaver Stack

Facebook Connect is one of our best selling stacks and with the new update it has even more features. Facebook Connect is perfect for driving your audience to your Facebook pages, posts and boosting your followers. This update allows you to now embed both Facebook Pages & Facebook Posts to any Stacks page. This is a free update 25% Discount Code: 25_fbConnect_052015 Offer Expires May 16, 2015 Check it out! Note this is a large re-build so updates must be done using our Purchase Order Lookup page.

Phantom 2.0 Update

Phantom RapidWeaver Stack

Phantom is our animated content organization stack that allows you to add categories to items for visitors to filter through. We’ve added a bunch to it including media queries for responsiveness control, 6 new dial knob designs, button alignment controls, 3 new button styles, and more. This is a free update 20% Off Discount Code: 20_phantom18_042015 Expires May 1, 2015 Check it out!

Super Forms 1.1.0 Update

Super Forms - RapidWeaver Stack

Thank you for all your requests and feedback. The following is a list of new features made to Super Forms: New Features: * New Option: Create an auto response email anytime someone uses the form * New Option: Set a custom width for the fields and align them left/center/right * Form fields now support autofill text * Success/Error text is now editable * Input Fields – New Option: Set a character limit * Input Fields – New Option: limit input to numbers only Fixes: * Fixed a bug that caused the help text to break when any formatting was added […]

Ice Box 1.1

Ice Box Lightbox RapidWeaver Stack

Ice Box is a responsive, minimalist-designed image lightbox, which has simple customization options allowing you to easily build a ligthbox gallery and change directional and close control icons to whatever fits your theme best. The new update included the following: RW6 Ready New Icons More icons for directional arrows & close buttons in download files (must download manually) Z-index control added Controls not loading in some themes resolved Controls placement fixed Controls distance from image customization options added Basic thumbnail customization controls added (border radius & margins/spacing) Removed deprecated code This is a free update if you already own it […]

PURE Update

Metro - PURE project file theme

BIG Update for PURE including another free Project File called “Metro.” A new stack is now included with PURE called PreLoad and allows you to place pre-loading images on your pages before the content fully loads. Other updates include: Singe page menu responsiveness added Mobile button (hamburger) color control fixed Logo responsiveness added Form customization added: Max-width, border-radius, background color, placeholder text color, input text color, border color, shadow color This is a free update 20% Off Coupon Code: 20_PURE_022015 Offer Expires March 6, 2015 Check out Metro Check out PURE

Pop Box 2.3

Pop Box

popBox is a content lightbox designed specifically to deliver written content to viewers. However, this does not mean popBox is limited to written content as it can also display images, videos, and even other stacks. You have complete color customization control including control over the content that goes in the four main sections: (1) Target – the object that is clicked to open the lightbox, (2) Header content, (3) Main content – center section, and (4) Footer content. The header and footer are on by default and can be turned off. Free for existing customers 20% Off Discount Code: 20_popBox_022015 Offer […]

cleanLists 2.0

cleanLists 2.0 RapidWeaver Stack

cleanLists has gone through a major update that makes some fixes and adds some very cool new features. RW6 Ready New Icons Font resources placed into separate stack to reduce load time (place new stack on top of page a single time) Custom image option now available Hundreds of new icons available in download file (manual download required) Fixed styling customization controls when text is aligned Added ‘Line Height’ control Removed deprecated code 20% Off Discount Code: 20_cleanLists_022015 Offer Expires Feb 13, 2015 Check it out!

Awesome Maps 3.1

Awesome Maps

Awesome Maps keeps getting more awesome. 3.1 update is a major overhaul to the code making Awesome Maps lighter and quicker. Fixes have been done to dramatically improve performance for multiple locations, info boxes (appear when hovering over locations), address option, and everything RW6 ready. If you already have it then enjoy the improvements in this free update. 20% Off coupon code: 20_AwesomeMaps_012015 Offer expires January 16, 2015 Check it out!

Parallax Flight 2

Parallax Flight 2

Parallax Flight 2 is an amazing stack that overrides theme styling and lets you build a parallax page with a built-in menu. The update adds more advanced controls, greatly improves load times, and increases compatibility with mobile devices. Parallax Flight 2 is a separate build from Parallax Flight soExisting Customers please use Purchase Order Lookup for free update See it in action in our latest Free PURE project file 20% Discount Code for Parallax Flight: 20_paraFlight_102014 Offer Expires October 24, 2014 Check it out!

PURE Update & New Project File

IRL Consulting

Pure Menus Stack + Auto scroll menu option for one page websites New Project File – IRL Consulting This file demos Parallax Flight 2 and the Auto Scroll Menu.

Sticky Navs 1.1 Update

Sticky Navs RapidWeaver Stack

Updated Sticky Navs now allows for custom images to be used, auto-vertical centering, more mobile controls and positioning controls. Thanks to everyone who gave me the requests and feedback as well – that helps me keep improving the products for you This update is free for existing customers. 20% Discount Code: 20_stickyNav_102014 Offer Expires October 10, 2014 Full list of updates: Custom image option (insert your own images) Image width option (set to the size of your largest custom image) Auto Vertical Centering on page load option (in advanced controls) – must set Distance option to zero for perfect spacing Mobile […]

Awesome Maps 3.0 Update

Awesome Maps

This updates tons of cool new functionality to our Google Maps stack, much of which was requested by customers. Tooltips available on hovering over location that takes in separate stacks in Edit Mode, Tabs can be moved underneath the map, center on re-size to location, choice between entering Latitude + Longitude or the physical/mailing address, multiple locations visible at one time, and more color control. This will update automatically for existing users 20% Off Discount Code: 20_awesomeM3_092014 Offer expires October 3, 2014 Check it out!

Pure 1.1 Update


Latest update to PURE adds: New Pure Grids option: Match the Grid’s height to the height of the user’s browser window New Pure Grids option: Position the Grid absolutely, this will allow you to place content over the top of other stacks (Demoed in the “Switch” Project File) New Pure Grids option: The Sticky “On + Hide” option will cause the Grid to hide when users scroll down the page (For use with Pure Menus) (Demoed in the “Switch” Project File) New Pure Slider option: Change the colors of an all new background and loader for the slider. This loader […]

Parallax Switch

Parallax Switch

Parallax Switch is a major update to the previously titled Parallax Shift (if you own Shift then you get Switch free). Parallax Switch adds several new features including: display current scroll position (for setting up), 7 animations with speed control, “Display at Distance” in descending order (no longer ascending). The update should make the stack dramatically simpler to use. The preview page is still being built, but you can see a demo of it in our new and Free PURE Project File appropriately titled Switch. 30% Discount for Parallax Switch: 30_pSwitch_092014 Offer Expires Sept 26, 2014 To Purchase “Switch” use the link […]

cleanBinders 1.2 Update

cleanBinders RapidWeaver Stack

I’ve made some good improvements to cleanBinders including a new advanced feature that allows you to turn overflow control on/off – useful if you’re placing a lightbox inside cleanBinders. In addition, some improvements were made to the minimalist theme and the overall edit mode has been improved. If you haven’t had a chance to play around with cleanBinders yet, go check it out. The update is free for all existing customers 20% Off Discount Code: 20_cBinders_092014 Offer expires September 12, 2014 Check it out!