Adding Geo Location Tags

October 4, 2013

Geo Location Tags (or Geo Tags) are topographical markers (longitude and latitude) that identify your website’s geographical location. In other words, they show search engines where your business is physically… Read More

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September 24, 2013

Adding Font Awesome to Individual Binder Tabs If you prefer not to add the same Font Awesome icon to all the Binder Tabs, but prefer to assign unique icons to… Read More

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Parallax Orbit

September 18, 2013

Tips and Tricks: Introduction: Parallax Orbit was coded very efficiently to reduce the amount of work the browser needs to do. But when you’re dealing with multiple images, javaScript can’t… Read More

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August 24, 2013

A Brief Overview: cleanSearch is actually two stacks that work together. The first is the search bar. It contains all of the customization options, and controls the text input field,… Read More

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August 23, 2013

How to Setup Phantom (Version 3.0.0) 1. Before adding Phantom to your stacks page, you must first add the included Font-Awesome Stack to any spot on the stacks page (this… Read More

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Augment Reflect

August 16, 2013

Definition of Terms Opacity: Controls the transparency of the reflection (higher numbers is less transparency) Distance: Controls the distance of the reflection Changelog v1.1.0 (February 7, 2014) Image section changed… Read More

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Pop Box

August 14, 2013

Setup There are four empty stack slots available when you add Pop Box to the editor. First you will want to place a stack into the “Target Stack” slot. This… Read More

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August 9, 2013

Built-in Nivo Slider note: The background for Ragnarok is the Nivoslider / Banner image 1. Double click and install 1LD– Nivo Image & 1LD – Nivo Image with Caption. 2. Drag… Read More

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Simple Position

July 30, 2013

Go to Simple Headers Pro Definition of Terms Position: Relative, Absolute, Fixed. Absolutely positioned elements will display as they relate to Relatively positioned elements. Fixed elements will display outside of all… Read More

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