August 9, 2013

Built-in Nivo Slider note: The background for Ragnarok is the Nivoslider / Banner image 1. Double click and install 1LD– Nivo Image & 1LD – Nivo Image with Caption. 2. Drag… Read More

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Simple Position

July 30, 2013

Go to Simple Headers Pro Definition of Terms Position: Relative, Absolute, Fixed. Absolutely positioned elements will display as they relate to Relatively positioned elements. Fixed elements will display outside of all… Read More

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July 26, 2013

How To Set Up the Slider Step 1: Navigate to your Page Inspector > Styles Menu and enable the Slider by selecting ‘Slider’ under the Banner Setting option.   ->  ->  Step 2: View your project… Read More

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June 6, 2013

Built-in Nivo Slider 1. Double click and install ODIN– Nivo Image & ODIN – Nivo Image Caption. 2. Drag & Drop ODIN -Nivo Image & ODIN – Nivo Image Caption… Read More

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