November 28, 2014

Install the stack then drag it onto the page and put anything that you want to hide or show inside it   Setting up Step1:  Set the the amount of… Read More

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Responsive Grids

November 20, 2014

Here is a customer review/tutorial by William Winter Getting Started Step 0: Download and install stack.  Step 1: Drag the stack onto the page . After dragging the stack onto… Read More

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Affero 2

November 7, 2014

How To Set Up the Slider Step 1: Navigate to your Page Inspector > Styles Menu and enable the Slider by selecting ‘Slider’ under the Banner Setting option.   ->  -> … Read More

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Font Awesome Pro

October 13, 2014

Font Awesome Pro The pro version allows customization of the Font Awesome icons. You still need the free version to activate Font Awesome (if your theme doesn’t have it running… Read More

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Parallax Switch

September 18, 2014

Setup Step 1: In Parallax Switch’s “General Controls” section select a the number of items you would like to switch between using the “# of Items” option. Typically you will… Read More

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Facebook Likebox

July 30, 2014

Linking a Facebook Step 1: Get the Id of the facebook that you want to share. “It’s the highlighted portion of the picture” Step 2: Copy and past it into the… Read More

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Simple Position Pro

July 23, 2014

Definition of Terms Position: Relative, Absolute, Fixed, Static, Inherit. Absolutely positioned elements will display as they relate to Relatively positioned elements. Fixed elements will display outside of all elements. Vertical Position:… Read More

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Retina Ready

June 26, 2014

Create 2 images with one twice the size (or larger if preferred) in the Resources section to the left. The larger one should have a name ending in the suffix… Read More

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June 19, 2014

Phaleg offers a plethora of unique styling controls. Let us go over each option in further detail. Table of Contents Parallax Slider Application Extra Content Stack General Options Page Specific… Read More

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