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    What’s New

    Phantom’s Knob feature has been completely overhauled and is now able to support up to 7 categories. Every category highlights using a colorable bullet light or an active icon color. You also now have control over the Icon size as well title size. Use a specific color for mouse hover and even allow a category to automatically redirect to another page. With Phantom’s updated style and improved responsive behavior it works as a unique one page website menu with no additional page loading. You can even add your own logo to Phantom’s background panel.

    Complete list of changes:
    • New: Supports multiple Phantom stacks on a single page.
    • New: Supports nesting Phantom stacks inside of each other.
    • New: Knob/Dial mode now supports up to 7 categories/pages.
    • New: Optionally highlight the active category with a glowing bullet/dot.
    • New: Adjust the size of the icons.
    • New: Add hover colors to the Knob/Dial titles and icons.
    • New: Use your own pattern or color for the Knob/Dial background.
    • New: Adjust the individual icon and title colors for the Knob/Dial using an included snippet.
    • New: Add a logo image to the background panel of the Knob/Dial.
    • New: Phantom will now show the selected category elements rather than all on page load.
    • New: Add external links.
    • Improved: Icon layout has been adjusted for the Knob/Dial mode.
    • Improved: Added better shadows to the Knob/Dial background panel.
    • Improved: Load speed and overall performance.
    • Improved: Knob/Dial adjusts to fit mobile screens.
    • Improved: Settings layout has been change to be more user friendly.
    • Fixed: Bug that was causing the icons to move off center in some themes.
    • Other minor adjustment and bug fixes.
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    Phantom is a navigational sorting tool that beautifully animates content based on categories that you make. You can create a menu with 2-10 categories with the Button and 2-7 for the Knob/Dial version. Items will beautifully animate with a jQuery masonry effect when users select any of the categories.

    Phantom is fully capable of serving as the pages' main navigation and is perfect for product displaying. Use the basic navigation or choose from 6 built-in dial knobs for 5 levels of sorting. Knobs and themes are already built-in and are designed to work in both light and dark page themes.

    This stack is perfect for Portfolio, Blog, and Business sites alike! Impress visitors and customers with smooth animations and an easy way to sort through your content. Users will no longer have to reload a new page in order to see new content.
  • Purchase

    Phantom comes with Container and Element stacks, a demo project file, an advanced CSS snippet, and the Font Awesome stack. The demo project uses Pure for RapidWeaver for it’s framework, however it is not required to use the file.
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  • Customization Examples

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  • Pure Contact Form

    This form is for demonstration purposes only. No E-mail will be sent.
    From: $name
    E-Mail: $email

    "; ?>
    $message"; if ($_POST['email_stacks_in_68483_page4']) { $mail = new PHPMailer(); $mail->isSendmail(); $mail->setFrom($email, $name); $mail->addAddress('example@yourwebsite.com', ' '); $mail->Subject = $subject; $mail->msgHTML($htmlBody); $mail->AltBody = $body; } if ($_POST['email_stacks_in_68483_page4']) { if (!$mail->send()) { echo "

    Mailer Error: " . $mail->ErrorInfo . "

    "; } else { echo "

    Message sent!

    "; } } ?>

    About This Preview Site

    Phantom’s preview site was built with the assistance of Pure for RapidWeaver. It was used to create the footer below and this contact form. When you purchase Phantom you will get a FREE demo project file based on this site. Though Pure is used in the demo project, you do not need to own it for the demo project file to be useful.
  • Settings

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  • Button Mode Example

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    1LD Support

    We won’t leave you hanging! As with any purchase from 1LD, you will have access to our top-notch tech support to help you with any issues you face. Wether it be that 3rd-party addon/stack that refuses to play nice or just some web design advice, or team is there for you.


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