Custom Web Design

Do you have your website all figured out, but you don’t have the time to build it yourself? Let us do it for you.

How it works

Step 1. Tell us about your site.
You will need to provide us with the pages you want created and the content you want on the pages. This includes all textual information, your logo, pictures, videos, etc.If this is for a business, please share us a brief overview of your company – in many occasions we will make recommendations for the site based on similar projects we have done in the past. This information will also be used when creating the SEO structure for your pages and meta tags.Finally, include any specific details you want to make certain are included in the design, such as a specific color scheme or the theme of ours you would like us to use. Whatever you don’t specify we’ll trust is permission for us to come up with, which is always amazing and designed specifically for your industry.
Step 2. We provide a quote and completion date.
Most of our custom web design is done for small businesses and are about 6 pages in size or less. Projects of this size generally cost between $545 and $745 to complete and are finished within 1-2 weeks.After you send us the details of your website we will give you a quote and the end cost will never exceed that amount. In addition, we will give you a project completion date, which may only be compromised if we are still awaiting for information from you (such as hosting information or website content).
Step 3. You pay us for the project.
We will send you an invoice over e-mail and once that is paid the project will begin. Once the project is completed you still have a week to request any content changes to your new website and we’ll make the changes at no added expense.
Step 4. Hosting & Website Files.
When a website is created with RapidWeaver it is stored in a single file, which we will store on our server and allow you to download. This allows you to have a copy of your website that can be edited in RapidWeaver if you should chose to make edits to your website in the future. If you already have a host or have one you would like to use we will need the server, username and password (or you can upload the file that we send). Alternatively, you can purchase our VPS Hosting for $9.95 / mo – for more details see our RapidWeaver Hosting page.


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