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Getting Started Using The Built-in Menu Setup is a breeze if you want to use the built in RapidWeaver project menu. Just drag and drop the stack into the Stacks… Read More

Action Menu

#1 Getting Started Download & Install Drag the ActionMenu Stack onto a stacks page Configure your menu options Add Items and links Done Download & Install Purchase the stack here and install it into… Read More

Heroic Banner

Background/Banner Settings After adding the stack to the editor, select it and navigate to the Page Inspector > Page Tab > Settings Menu > Banner section. To add a background… Read More


Setup 1. Drag the Siphon Stack into the Stacks editor. Once the Stack is in the editor, you will see three components. The Container on the outside wrapping a single Slide, and… Read More

Live Data

Setup 1. Create a new or open a saved spreadsheet in Google Docs: http://docs.google.com/spreadsheets 2. In your RapidWeaver Stacks’ page, place the Live Data Stack at the top of the editor…. Read More


HTML Element Settings Element Tag – This field is where you will declare what type of HTML element to use. Accepts any valid HTML element (div, section, article, a, input,… Read More


Setup 1. Before adding the Walkthrough Stack to your Stacks page you must add the Walkthrough Core Stack. This Stack will enable all the Walkthrough Stacks you add to your… Read More

Page Flux

Setup 1. Add the Page Flux stack to any part of your stacks page and it will automatically be enabled for that page. 2. Adjust the options in the settings… Read More

Scroll Up

Definition of Terms General Options Theme : Three themes comes with the stack (Default, Image, Tab). Default is a simple container that has the sorta look that it’s floating, Image allows… Read More

Live Search

Setup You only need to drag and drop the Live Search Stack into the Stacks page where you want it to display. No additional setup is necessary for the Stack… Read More

Optic Stats 2

The original Optic Stats Stack has been replaced by the Optic Stats 2 Stack. If you currently own Optic Stats you can upgrade by using the Purchase Order Lookup Form…. Read More

Side Accordion

cleanAccordion’s customization options are very intuitive and do not demand much explanation in most cases, with the slight exception of some terminology that can be defined. General Setup To create… Read More

Linkedin Connect

Basic Setup: Step 1: Place Linkedin Connect to the top of the page. Step 2: Then in options for “Linkedin Type” select Core. This will activate the stack and allow… Read More

Carousel Complete

Basic Setup Step 1: Drag & drop the Carousel Complete stack into the stacks editor. Step 2: If you wish to use an image or a video you can Drag & drop… Read More


cleanTips is a great tool for displaying small notes, information, and links next to information that a visitor might have questions about. Basic Setup cleanTips has two sections in the… Read More

Countdown Clock

Basic Setup Countdown Clock comes built as 5 functioning pieces that integrate with each other: Wrapper, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. The first option in the settings panel titled “Section”… Read More

Cinema Slider

Set up First drag and drop the Cinema Slider Stack into the Stacks editor. It should appear like the screenshot below. Then drag and drop the Cinema Slide Stack into… Read More

Pinterest Connect

Important! The Pinterest Connect script is not supposed to run multiple times on a page, though this may not always cause a problem. However, it is recommended by Pinterest to… Read More


Here is a customer review/tutorial on Ice Box by William Winter Typography is a stack suite comprised of 6 stacks Core Font Import Headers Texts Buttons Code CORE  The core… Read More

Super Forms

Basic Set Up 1) Add Super Forms to your stacks page. 2) Next you will need to add your email to the Email input box inside of Super Forms’ settings… Read More


Install the stack then drag it onto the page and put anything that you want to hide or show inside it   Setting up Step1:  Set the the amount of… Read More

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