Where can I find the update?

For all of our stacks a majority of updates are served via SPARKLE, which will notify you of all updates in the Stack icon. Simple select the update text and you will be prompted, allowing you to choose to update (Changelog information will then be displayed as well).

Occasionally we make such significant improvements to a product that a SPARKLE update would cause previous builds to break. In this situation we will create a separate build with a separate SPARKLE build. This means your Stack will not update automatically and you must re-download the stack manually through our Purchase Order Lookup page. Whenever we do this there will be a notification regarding it in our Mail Blasts and Blog Posts. However, never hesitate to email us if you’re confused or are unsure.

For all our Themes the only way to receive automatic updates is through the plugin Waterfall by the developer Nimblehost. If you do not have this plugin you must always update using our Purchase Order Lookup page.

When I install the stack nothing appears in RapidWeaver

A majority of our stacks are grouped in the stacks section titled “1LD Stacks” though there are occasions where we re-group stacks into their own sections as there is either a large amount of them that are designed to work together or they are designed to work with a specific theme. Occasions of this include our Hemera theme, PURE, ourGlass’ pre-loaders and likely more to come (when it makes sense).

If you’ve checked and still can’t find the stack then there is one great way to find out if it’s properly installing. Create a stacks page and then select the dropdown that shows all the stack icons. From there select any 3rd party stack (not the stacks that come built into Stacks).

Show in Finder for Stacks

Locate the gear icon in the bottom right and select “Show in Finder,” which will open up a window that displays all your 3rd party stacks.

If you cannot locate the stack in this folder then simply manually drag and drop the stack in and it will show up after you completely close and restart RapidWeaver again. If you do locate the stack in this folder, but still do not see it in RapidWeaver contact us immediately and we’ll help figure out what’s happening.



Where is my download link?

If you didn’t receive a download link after purchasing the most common reasons are that it either got placed in a spam folder or other categorized section of your email (i.e. junk, promotions, etc.). The other most common reason is that there was a typo in the email address used.

If you have checked for the first possibility and cannot find it then please contact us and we’ll find and fix it.

It helps us if you provide your Order Number and also your Email Address (if you don’t provide the email address we’ll assume it’s the one you’re emailing us with).

What is SPARKLE or Waterfall?

SPARKLE & Waterfall both serve updates automatically through RapidWeaver. SPARKLE requires no setup on your end and appear in your individual stack icons when an update is ready along with Changelog information when downloaded.

Waterfall is a plugin built by Nimble Host that can be added that allows the same service SPARKLE offers, though for themes. This only works for themes that developers have added Waterfall support for – we currently offer Waterfall support on all our premium themes.

Click here for more on Waterfall

How do I find a previous product order?

To find a previous order use our Purchase Order Lookup page. Please note the two tabs at the top – all you need to retrieve your previous orders is your email address, though this will send all previous orders to your email address.

If you still cannot find your order or if the download is not working, please contact us and we’ll fix this promptly.