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Mega Menu – New RapidWeaver Stack

Fully responsive, column based mega menus for RapidWeaver. Tons of style options, fully responsive, custom content friendly, fixed positioning, expandable detail section, and more.

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Offer Expires February 16, 2018

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Events – New RapidWeaver Stack

The most stylish stack for creating event lists in RapidWeaver. Use settings to easily display events with times, dates, and more. Each event has an expandable section for displaying more detailed information about the event. Events was designed to be simple to edit and quick to setup.

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Discount Code: 30_events_020218

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Loaderz – New RapidWeaver Stack

Heavy content? No problem. Load your content in style with Loader, the ultimate loading stack for RapidWeaver. Use 10 fully customizable loaders to load in content sections or even entire Stack pages.

Note: This Stack will replace the ourGlass Stack. If you currently own ourGlass, you will receive a message with a special discount.

30% Discount Code: 30_loaderz_102017
Offer Expires October 20, 2017

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Expanse – New RapidWeaver Stack

Use the Expanse Stack to create neatly compacted cards that can be expanded to fill the entire screen. These cards can display unlimited amounts of content once expanded. This will allow your page visitors to view more details and information quickly and without having to load in a new page. This is perfect for product information, news articles, project details, and even complete web pages. You can use any Stacks as content and Expanse will automatically truncate it into a card that can be opened.

30% Discount Code: 30_expanse_092017
Offer Expires October 6, 2017

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Author Card

Put a face on your business or website by adding the Author Card Stack for RapidWeaver Stacks. You can provide convenient links to your social media accounts and contact info. These cards help you get new followers and create new connections.

Setup is a breeze, simply add the Stack, fill in what ever info you wish to share, and select a theme. Add any links you want to the content or footer using any of Font Awesome’s brand icons. This Stack is fully responsive, works in all major browsers, and has enough options for you customize the look to fit any website.

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Pagelit RapidWeaver Stack

Pagelit – New RapidWeaver Stack

Pagelit is the successor to our popular Booklit Stack. With this Stack you can create impressive and animated 3D books built with your own custom content. Pagelit has been built from the ground up with a bigger focus on performance and realism using the latest web development techniques.

30% Discount Code: 30_pageLit_082017
Offer Expires August 11, 2017

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Press RapidWeaver Stack

Press – New RapidWeaver Stack

Easy, versatile buttons for RapidWeaver. Create text or icon based buttons and even customize styles for hover and active states.

We built this stack with features that we kept receiving by customer request, so please keep it coming – we love your feedback and requests!

30% Discount Code: 30_press_062017
Offer Expires June 16, 2017

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HTML Body Stack

HTML Body – New RapidWeaver Stack

Drag & Drop HTML Editor Tool

The HTML Body Stack was created for Developers & Designers who want the freedom to start their projects truly from scratch. This Stack gives access to every part of the HTML file directly in the Stacks’ editor, giving you freedom to add external JavaScript & CSS libraries with just a few clicks. With full control over every single file & element, you can keep your code free of any of any unnecessary fluff that comes along with traditional RapidWeaver themes and frameworks. Note that this Stack is meant for advanced users who are well versed in HTML & CSS.

We created this Stack as a way to give us the control we wanted to have in order to create HTML templates for our own web development projects. Using a hybrid Stacks/HTML editor gives us the ability to really mold projects into whatever we need them to be, whether we need to include simple to use RapidWeaver Stacks or import advanced external libraries.

25% Discount Code: 25_htmlBody_042017
Offer Expires May 5, 2017

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Listify RapidWeaver Stack


The ultimate RapidWeaver stack for creating lists and pricing tables. Create basic lists, complex lists, or lists with a variety of different contents with customization options chosen to make your lists’ design flexible.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_listify_042017
Offer Expires April 21

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Note: Listify will be replacing cleanLists – If you already own cleanLists you are eligible for a larger discount (please contact support for this). We will continue to provide support for both stacks.

Side Menu – New RapidWeaver Stack

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released a beautifully customizable dropdown menu called Side Menu that slides out from either side of the page. Use RapidWeaver’s built in menu, or create your own custom menus using stacks. Create the menu that’s perfect for your website with an endless combination of styling and configuration options.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_sideMenu_032017

Offer Expires March 17, 2017

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Formula RapidWeaver Stack

Formula – New RapidWeaver Stack

Create custom formulas to calculate useful values. Almost anything that can be done with math can be calculated. With the Formula Stack you can give your users as many fields as necessary to gather any important variables and it will output a total value instantaneously. Provide quotes, calculate materials needed, total product cost based on selectable options or anything else that relies on numbers.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_formula_022017
Offer Expires March 3, 2017

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Overlay Menu – New RapidWeaver Stack

We’ve recently created stunning and fully customizable overlay dropdown menu triggered by a menu toggle. Use RapidWeaver’s built in menu, or create your own custom menus. Style to your hearts content with a wide variety of styling, sizing, and layout options.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_overlayMenu_022017

Expires on February 17, 2017

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heroic banner rapidweaver stack

Heroic Banner – New RapidWeaver Stack

Heroic Banner is an image based banner Stack. Place any other Stack inside this one and apply a background image to create unique effects. Show of your websites with Hero style banners that have attention grabbing animations. Get creative with multiple modes that trigger animations automatically, by scroll, mouse position, or even by tilting your mobile device side to side (using the 3d-parallax mode). You can even use awesome animated color gradients when you don’t want to use an image. Each mode just works and do not require setup, though you are given plenty of options to customize the appearance.

30% Discount Code: 30_heroic_092016
Offer Expires October 7, 2016

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