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Parallax Flight 2 Uses the power of jQuery to create awesome parallax effects. Easily control the scroll speed & direction of 2 background layers & the the content. Place any stack you want inside of Parallax Flight & use it in any theme! You can also use the Parallax Flight Wrap as a fantastic one page animated scrolling website!

Animate images vertically, horizontally, or both at the same time!


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Free Sample Files

If you own Parallax Flight 2 and Pure you can use the free sample files below for learning how to use the stack and as a quick setup template for one page scrolling websites. The sample files will still work for those who do not own Pure but only as an aid for learning how to use the stack.

Pure Parallax Flight 2 Sample Project File

Pure IRL Sample Project File

Parallax Flight 2

Parallax Flight 2 + Pure

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