Free RapidWeaver Stacks


Save the hassle of downloading each free stack over and over again. Download here and get it all for free in one order. Please include a good email to receive the stacks and so you can hear about updates and new releases.


Font Awesome is a free font-based icon library. This stack allows you to easily import over 500 completely scalable icons. Many of our other Stacks require this importing tool to be used, but you can also use it outside of our products for any of your projects.


Simple Divider allows you to quickly and easily create content dividers on any Stacks page. Chose from two basic themes: emboss & solid. Customize your spacing and colors or even add a repeating image for the solid theme (example is the dividers that are used on this page).


Hide is intended to assist website’s that display a lot of content and need alternative viewing sizes to hide certain content. Set up to 2 breakpoints for any section and the screen width that must be reduced to for the section to be removed from view.


Simple Position allows you to place relative, absolute, and fixed positioned objects on a page. This gives you power and control over the placement of your stacks within all your sections.

Upgrade to pro for percentage controls & forced center positioning for both vertical & horizontal.


Simple Videos is designed to let you easily and quickly embed videos from external websites, such as YouTube & Vimeo. Just copy the video embed URL and paste into the URL field - make sure the https: is included in the URL string.

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