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New Release: Kirkland Law Project File

Thanks to user feedback we are continually updating and improving the Deluxe stack framework! macOS Mojave 10.14 is no longer a requirement to use our projects. Support has been tested back to macOS Sierra 10.12. The included php mail forms have also been updated for easier setup and use.

Check out our newest project using some of the latest features. Kirkland Law is a professional service based design project built with the included and ever improving Deluxe stacks. Use this completed project by simply swapping in your own text, images, and branding. Add your own pages and use any 3rd-party stacks you need.


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New Release: Forma Project File

The Deluxe stack has been updated and now includes 3 new tools and off canvas menus! Add responsive videos, sliders, and galleries to your RapidWeaver projects. Along with the update is a brand new project file called Forma. Designed for photographers this slick project puts the new tools to work in a responsive design like no other that looks great no matter the size of the device/browser window.


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New Release: Alex Solus Project File

Check out “Alex Solus” a new one page website RapidWeaver project from 1LD! The included project stacks have been updated to support one page websites with 14 awesome transition effects. This new project uses our newly updated Assemble stack for sleek in-view animations. If you do not own the Assemble stack the project includes a version with it removed.


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New Release: Propel Project File

1LD is now creating RapidWeaver Project files! These project files are complete & highly editable designs built with the RapidWeaver Stacks plugin. Personalize them however you want with the included stacks framework which gives you access to modify/replace/remove anything & everything. Add your own content, swap in any of your favorite 3rd-party stacks, or even modify the layout and design with these all inclusive prebuilt project files.


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