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Live Search 2 Key Features

Search content from all pages in your navigation in real-time.

Generate an index file to optimize search speed on sites with numerous pages.

Easily exclude or include specific pages in the search results.

Define "stop words" that are ignored unless an entire phrase match is found.

Automatically redirect to a dedicated search page for a streamlined experience.

Provide case-sensitive and exact phrase match toggles for precise results.

Enhance user experience with auto-complete and suggestion dropdowns.

Highlight and automatically scroll to the searched term after clicking on a result.

Control the number of displayed results, with automatic pagination.

Customize the search bar and result styles, including fonts, colors, borders, and more.

Choose between pop-up or container result display styles.

Change search prompt wording for seamless localization in any language.

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Live Search 2


Pick up Live Search 2 today and add it to any page to get instant hassle free search functionality. If you have any questions about functionality feel free to contact us.


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