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Hybrid Mode

Combine the slide & form features of Siphon with the computing capabilities of the *Configure stacks.

Build detailed calculators, forms, & tests

Let customers configure to their needs

Present tailored results & feedback

Send personalized quotes/reports via email

*Hybrid mode requires the Configure stacks (sold separately)

Memory Quiz

Siphon + Configure Example

This quiz will give you 30 seconds to try memorize as many details as you can from an image. You will then be asked 5 questions about the image and given a score based on those answers. The quiz will start immediately after clicking the start button so be prepared!

Memorize Details

You have [countdown] seconds!

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Times Up! Please click the button to answer a few questions about the image.

1. How many animals were in the photo?

2. Which of these animals was not present in the photo?

3. How many of the animals had wings?

4. What color was the mouse?

5. Which of these animals was in the top right corner of the image?

You scored a 5 out of 5!

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You either have photographic memory or this isn't your first time taking this quiz…

You scored a [score] out of 5!

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There were 7 animals but you answered [animal-count]!

Stacks Image 215030

There was a [missing] in the photo, but there was no Penguin!

Stacks Image 215039

There was 1 animal with wings not [wing-count]!

Stacks Image 215048

The mouse was blue(ish) not [mouse-color]!

Stacks Image 215057

A panda was in the top right corner not a [top-right]!

Stacks Image 214979

Great job!

Stacks Image 214985

Pretty good!

Stacks Image 214991

Not bad, you got two right.

Stacks Image 214997

Hey… at least you got one right!

Stacks Image 215003

Hmmm… you did that on purpose right?

Siphon + Configure Example

Property type

Type of cleaning

Standard cleaning does not include:

Cleaning walls

Moving boxes or furniture

Cleaning inside appliances

Carpet/furniture stain removal

Move-out cleaning includes:

Cleaning walls

Carpet/furniture stain removal

Moving boxes or furniture

Cleaning inside appliances

Cleaning details

Living, Family, Recreational

Cleaning details

Extra services

Contact info

Please provide your contact information to receive your quote. We will contact you shortly to discuss details, answer questions, and give you the option to schedule a cleaning.
This form was for demonstration purposes. No email was sent.

Cleaning Service Quote

Please select a property type to begin

[cleaning-type-title] Quote

Extra rooms
Dish washing
Folding clothes
Trash removal
Estimated working hours
Total working days

Estimated cost


Purchase includes a demonstration project file to show you how every example on this preview site was created. The Configure stacks are required for the examples found on this page.

Siphon & Configure

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Siphon Only

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Configure Only

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Have questions about the stack or need some help? Feel free to contact us at the link below. Most inquiries are replied to within 1-2 working days.



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