Try New Color Schemes

Introducing the RapidWeaver Recolor Stack! With this powerful tool, you can easily edit all the colors used in your website design and see the changes in real time.

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Dark/Light Mode

Quickly try out new color schemes or create a dark/light mode version of your website. You can optionally apply your changes based on visitor color preference or even browser width.


Recolor Stack is the perfect tool for making quick design edits and comparing colors.

Color Detection

Simply add the stack to a project and it will automatically detect all the colors used in your design.

Element Highlighting

As you edit a color, any matching elements can be highlighted to let you know what you are working on.

Color Grouping

Merge similar colors into groups so they can be modified together. Optionally separate text and background colors for a more fined tuned approach.

Color Lightness & Saturation

With the included controls, adjust saturation to create a more cohesive look or adjust lightness for better contrast to improve readability and accessibility.

Color Tools

Use an eyedropper tool* to grab a color from anything on the screen. The built-in color field is also perfect for adding colors or copying colors to apply manually.

Generated CSS

Once you've found the perfect color combination, our stack can generate CSS code that you can copy and paste for quick application.

*Eyedropper tool only supported when previewing with Google Chrome


Don't waste time manually searching for and replacing every color used in your website design. Use the RapidWeaver Recolor Stack to make quick and easy changes to your website's color scheme. Get the Recolor stack today! All you need is a copy of RapidWeaver 8/Classic & the Stacks 4/5 plugin.


Have questions about the stack or need some help? Feel free to contact us at the link below. Most inquiries are replied to within 1-2 working days.


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