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Halo Hyperlink

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Halo Hyperlink

Seamless Loops

Our animations are meticulously coded to deliver smooth and seamless loops, ensuring optimal performance across all web browsers. Experience flawless transitions that enhance user engagement.

Customizable Designs

Halo Hyperlink offers 13 customizable designs, all easily integrated into your projects via drag-and-drop functionality. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can effortlessly match the style of any design aesthetic.

Flexible Activation

Choose from three activation modes: always active, active on mouse hover, or activated by browser window scrolling position. This flexibility allows you to tailor the animation to suit different user interactions.


Detailed Coloring

Personalize your Halo Hyperlink with unique color patterns. Utilize images and blurring effects for depth, apply a two-color directional gradient, or opt for a single solid color. Create stunning visual effects that captivate your audience.

Glowing Effects

All 13 designs come with a special glowing mode, perfect for dark backgrounds. This effect can be toggled off for a more subdued look, ensuring compatibility with both dark and light website themes.


Adjustable Animation Speed

Control the animation speed to achieve the desired impact—whether it's a subtle, elegant halo effect or an eye-catching, vibrant animation. Tailor the speed to suit your design needs.

Adaptive Design & Compatibility

Halo Hyperlink is not just a standalone link. Use images, text, or add any content to customize interaction. The effect will automatically adapt responsively to fit the available space, ensuring a consistent experience across all devices and screen sizes.

Note: Press and Super Forms 2 are used in the button and form examples and are not included with Halo Hyperlink.



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