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Focus Panels

Make the Most of Limited Space

With Focus Panels, you can display double or even triple the amount of content within a single area. These panels automatically shift between sections with minimal visitor interaction, making navigation intuitive and seamless. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to focused, engaging web design.

No Compromise Visuals & Information

Focus Panels is invaluable for optimizing horizontal space across various screen sizes. Its adaptability allows you to display more content on larger screens without compromising user experience on smaller screens. The interactive nature and smooth animations can increase engagement, encouraging visitors to spend more time exploring the content.

Designed to Adapt Effortlessly

Choose from three display modes and an array of layout settings, allowing effortless adaptation to various themes or frameworks. Keep related content grouped together, display large visuals, and minimize scrolling, all while seamlessly blending with your website's design.


Tailored for Themes & Frameworks


Automatic Layout & Behavior Across Devices


Seamlessly Simple Interaction


Robust Yet Completely Optional Styling

Touch Optimized

Designed for Desktop & Mobile Devices Alike


Functionality That Just Works

Concealed Overflow

Hide overflowing panels to maintain a clean visual separation between content and webpage design elements.

Flexible Widths

Customize panel widths to suit your content, allowing for additional information without occupying the entire horizontal space.

Always Centered

Opt to keep panels centered when focused, ensuring a consistent viewing experience.

Variable Heights

Each panel can match in height, or display at varying heights with options to vertically align them at top, center, or bottom.

Sliced Overflow

This display mode clips the panels that are outside the content area. A slice visual is added to give the appearance that the panels are piercing through the background of the website.

Normal Sensitivity

When mouse hover interactivity is enabled, the sensitivity is set so that it prevents accidental mouse hovers from unintentionally shifting the panels. The panels will not shift unless the mouse has made movements indicating intention to navigate, and only once the mouse has stopped moving.

High Sensitivity

You can fine-tune sensitivity to heighten responsiveness. Panels swiftly shift upon detecting mouse movement over non-focused content. The animation speed has also been increased in this example to make the panels extremely reactive.

Low Sensitivity

Sensitivity can also be adjusted to reduce the reactiveness of the panels, further ensuring no accidental panel shifts are made.

Scroll to Focus

You have the option to deactivate mouse hover interaction, necessitating visitors to click (or touch on mobile) to switch panel focus. Alternatively, enable scroll functionality, allowing users to shift panels effortlessly using mouse or trackpad movements.

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Focus Panels


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