Live Search is a search bar that you can add to any Stack’s page. It will allow visitors to search through your entire website for specific terms. There is absolutely no setup up required! No PHP support or database needed! No outsourcing the results from Google, just real time information gathered from your website. This live search bar will not even need to reload the page as the results will be displayed in real time.

The Live Search RapidWeaver Stack will search the content from all of the pages in your navigation dynamically. You can then optionally add customized styling to the search bar and search results. Although you can simply drag and drop Live Search and it works without any required setup, it doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options for customization. See the customization list below and
contact us if you have any questions about what the stack can do.

  • Pages are indexed automatically
  • Easily exclude or include specific pages
  • Support quotation mark searches for finding specific phrases
  • Control how many results display when a search is made and the rest will automatically be ordered by page with pagination
  • Declare how many words to display in the search result description
  • Change the wording for every search prompt for localization in any language
  • Have search result links open in a new window or tab
  • Highlight and automatically scroll to the searched term after clicking on a search result
  • Optionally add a dropdown that will suggest terms to search for*
  • Enable auto-complete in the search bar for repetitive searches
  • Declare pages that do not show up in the navigation for the search bar to search through
  • Mark where the page will display the description text from when it is shown in the search results
  • Choose between two display styles for the search results that either load as a pop up or load directly into a container that you declare (This is so you can place the search bar in a sidebar or the like and have the results display in the main content)
  • Customize the search results: page title & description font, page title & description text size, line-height, background color, description & title color, link color, and the searched term highlight color
  • Customize the search bar: border radius, font, input text size, background color, border color, input text color, and placeholder text color
*Only in supported browsers