/ee-ther/ :personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians
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Extra Content Slider

Aether uses an extra content area for the use of image sliders. The extra content area is also full of different options to select from

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Aether Premium RapidWeaver Theme is a responsive theme will work on all mobile devices. The responsive design provides a unique menu adds a nice touch to any website.

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Responsive Lightbox

Aether comes with a brand new Responsive lightbox.


Aether uses one of the most unique mobile menus. It features a flippable mobile menu that is easy to access and not to mention easy to navigate.

Font Awesome

This means that Aether has 302 glyph icons to have fun with. Glyphs provide enough visual without taking away from the information. Take a look at all the glyph icons.
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Up to date

Aether is up to date with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. This ensure that Aether will continue to look great as the internet grows.


Aether works in all modern browsers and even all the way back to IE8. This ensures that Aether will be able to be viewed no matter how outdated the browser. We do highly recommend to make sure your browser is updated for the best Web experience.
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Glide Slide

Glide Slide comes with the purchase of Aether.

Offers a simple to use and customize fully responsive slider stack. GlideSlide uses the latest CSS3 techniques to emulate parallax animation effects creating a beautiful and modern design for your sliders.

GlideSlide is built as 3 Stacks in one creating a easy and intuitive drag and drop design to its use. GlideSlide is specifically made for themes that offer extra content sections in the Slider or Top Banner section of the theme.
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Powered by:

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Aether is using a slider that will require stacks, but there is also a built in slider for anyone who doesn't own stacks.


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