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Simple Divider
Simple & Free RapidWeaver Stack
Simple Divider is FREE RapidWeaver Stack that allows you to drag and drop separator lines on any Stacks page. Simple customization options allow you to switch between two theme styles with all the basic functions used in creating divider tags.
That first line (directly above) is the default theme, Subtle Emboss, which we created after several requests. The second divider (directly below) is another theme option titled Solid and offers another common divider style.
Using the solid style you can also choose to put in your own custom image as a background for the divider… here’s a cool example of that.
If you don't want your Stacks to get cluttered these are very easily added as Snippets. Go ahead and grab the HTML & CSS code from our Snippets Post.
Stacks Image 16
Customization controls: thème styles (subtle emboss, solid), emboss styles (solid, dashes, dots), divider spacing, emboss theme border top color, emboss theme border bottom color, solid theme color, solid theme size (height).