cleanAccordion RapidWeaver Stack

cleanAccordion 4.0

cleanAccordion is now condensed into a single stack with a new icon to help distinguish the change. Now you can create panel headers using other stacks instead of just text. You can also create links that will automatically open to a specific tab/panel inside of the accordion. Also, there are 3 new design themes to choose from to help speed up your design work and inspire some creative design ideas.

This is a free update for existing customers.
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Optic Stacks - RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

Optic Stacks

Optic Stats is a professional way to show off your personal or company statistics. Perfect for portfolio, business, and fund raising websites. Use your own units, titles, and numbers that support commas and periods. Optionally add Font-Awesome Icons, make the numbers count up, and show an animated progress bar. You also have control over the animation speed, all the colors, and the size of the stack including font sizes.

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Offer Expires December 18, 2015

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Side Accordion - RapidWeaver Stack

Side Accordion

Side Accordion is a fully-responsive collapsible & expandable content display tool for RapidWeaver 5+ Stacks 2+. Control the size of the accordion & accordion title sections while the built-in automatic sizing protects the overall responsiveness for you. Lots of customization options give you control over the design as well so you can adapt the stack into any theme.

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Offer Expires August 14, 2015

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cleanAccordion RapidWeaver Stack

cleanAccordion Update

  • Supports the new Font Awesome 4.0.3 – note the html for this version changed, so it will not work with earlier versions. This annoyed me a bit so I created a free Font Awesome stack – you can find our main page.
  • Improved some CSS calls for browser compatibility
  • New shadow controls – this might be advanced for some users. The default displays 0 1px 1px – the first 2 numbers control x and y axis, the third is blur
  • Icon default position lowered slightly
  • Removes target=”_blank” from anchor tag (link)
cleanAccordion RapidWeaver Stack

4 Small Updates

cleanTabs 3.1.0

  • Collapsible Advanced Option (allows tabs to be completely collapsed)
  • Tabs tested to support Font Awesome without conflict – tutorial here

cleanAccordion 3.3.2

  • New Flat Icons Added

cleanQuotes 2.1.2

  • New Flat Icons
  • Quote icons now available as Stacks Media (must re-download to install)

cleanCaps 1.3.2

  • Added !important tags in CSS to fix some Theme conflicts
  • New Flat Icons
cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion & Augment Slide Update

cleanAccordion Updates:

  • Font Awesome is now stored separately as a folder, css file, and font files that can be added by dragging & dropping the folder into the Resources section of RapidWeaver. This change was made to avoid slowdowns from multiple calls to the files, which added tremendous slow-down when many cleanAccordions existed on a single page.
  • Some minor changes were made in the customization options (nothing was added or removed, simply improved from an interaction standpoint).

Augment Slide:

  • SPARKLE ready
  • Touchscreen devices will now activate/inactive the slide effect.
cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion 3.0.0

  • New backend design
  • Transparent background option added
  • Tab highlight colors now available
  • Indenting fix for unordered lists inside some themes
  • Icon position now customizable
  • Icon Size now customizable
  • Gradient display improved when border radius is used (rounded corners)
  • Gradient for theme 1 can be turned on/off
  • Font Awesome used in place of text – for all available icons go here
  • Inner elements now control icon symbols – each tab can have unique icon
  • Snippet file removed (no longer serves purpose with new customization options)
cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion 2.0.0 Major Update

Huge update to cleanAccordion adds some great new customization options that allows for some new theming – definitely check out the new preview page on the Light & Dark theme pages for ideas.


  • Removed margin option (no need – already built into Stacks)
  • Margin option for Theme 1
  • Right-site cutting off fix added (occurred only in some themes)
  • Fixed Height option (on/off)
  • Fixed Height Sizing (container and inner elements)
  • Links in the tabs will now open in a new tab in the browsers – using target=”_blank”
  • Clear formatting code added (occurred only in some themes)
  • Links now have a “selected” color option
  • Icon (on/off) added – displays the “+” and rotates to an “x” (only in modern browsers)
  • Icon color options added (color, hover color, selected color)
  • Re-organized backend & changed some defaults

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cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion 1.5.0 Update

An update to cleanAccordion adds some requested customization options, though by default the stack will still display and perform exactly the same. If you’d like the new features though then this update is for you.

  • Tabs can open on “click” or “hover” (customization option)
  • Option to turn Text Shadow off for tab titles
  • Other minor fixes

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cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion 1.4.9 Update

This update includes the following changes to the cleanAccordion RapidWeaver Stack:

  • Added more support for IE9
  • Removed unnecessary files
  • 1px Margin added to right hand side of the container element – fixes a 1 px issue that occurred in some sizes during responsiveness

To get the latest version please use the Order Lookup Form. If you still have difficulties please contact our support email.

cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion 1.3.5

The new update for cleanAccordion offers some pretty cool new features that all came by request.

  • Unique customization for every accordion (no longer global controls)
  • Link option for tabs: Allows disabling of sliding effect with replacement of URL to wherever you want
  • Small border fix for the last tab in Theme2
cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion 1.2.0 Update


NOTE: If you downloaded before 9/15/2012 that you will lose description text when you update. Please save this information before updating. Description data replaced with Slice command so you can drag and drop other stacks inside (i.e. HTML, Text, Columns, etc.).


  • Moved Accordion Count option (New selection labels “first accordion”) – this sets the accordion class if there are more than one container on the page (global styling applied).
  • Added Support for older browsers added.
  • Internet Explorer Fixes – makes more presentable for older IE browsers (6+) though the functionality still has issues. IE9 keeps gradients, though border radius is only option for theme 2 in IE9 (part of IE’s gradient structure).
  • Sets padding & margins to zero for some theme issues effecting DT & DD calls.


  • Multi-containers first added (explained more above in 9/19 update).
  • Auto-open option available for first Accordion tab.


  • Removed font-size call inside description container
  • Bottom border added in description container for Theme 2
  • Clearfix added to the cleanAccordion container (caused conflicts in some themes)
  • Description container no longer allows for text entry, but instead is a container for additional stacks. So you can drag and drop whatever the heck you want in it without limitations.
cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

New Features for cleanAccordion

Couple requests led to another update of the cleanAccordion stack. There are now 2 new drop-down menus for the following:

  • Multiple accordion containers on a single page. Note that there is unlimited tabs inside each container, but currently limited to 3 separate containers. Accordion Containers will be default be set to “Accordion Count” set to “First” and additional containers must be set to either “Second” or “Third.” There is still global styling so the last accordion on the page will set styles for all the accordions on the page, with the exception of theme specific changes which will not carry over if two separate cleanAccordion themes are being used.
  • Auto-Open option. By default this is set to off, though by turning on it will open the first container on page load.
cleanAccordion Rapidweaver Stack logo

cleanAccordion Released

cleanAccordion is a simple-to-use & customize drag-and-drop jQuery accordion stack.

100% Reponsive

Go ahead and test it out – this theme is the fully responsive Cabernet 2. Resize your screen and watch cleanAccordion adjust to the size.

Where You Can Place It

Anywhere stacks can go cleanAccordion can follow. You will need an additional plugin to place outside of the page element, such as PlusKit.

How Many Tabs You Are Limited To

NONE! There is absolutely no limit… well of course it might look silly after a while if you put too many, and if you put just one it sorta defeats the purpose… but you still can.

It’s so easy to use that this is pretty much all you need to know:

  • Double click the install file (its now installed almost instantly)
  • Create a Stacks page
  • Drag the cleanAccordion (Container) into the stacks page (left image below)
  • Drag cleanAccordion (Inner) into the container section (right image below)
  • Add more by easily dragging them above or below each other (change order easily)

cleanAccordion Container ImagecleanAccordion Inner Image

Customize Options

  • Theme 1 and 2
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Border Radius (rounded corners)
  • Border Size (Outer)
  • Border Size (Inner)
  • Border Color (Outer) for Theme 2
  • Border Color (Inner) for Theme 2
  • Title Background Color for Theme 2
  • Description Color for Theme 2
  • Title Text Color
  • Title Text Color (Hover)
  • Title Text Shadow Color
  • Description Text Color
  • 4 Gradient Color Controls for Theme 1


new canari screenshot

Canari Theme Release

The latest in innovative technology – this theme packs all the punches! Offering a powerfully animated and aesthetically appetizing gallery using the jQuery Masonry Gallery.

In addition is the new “Camera Slider” for faster mobile displays, the jQuery Accordion Blog, and a powerful TagCloud feature.

To top things off we added a highly adaptive and responsive mobile feature so iPhone and Droid users will have a unique experience directly catered to your site’s navigation panel.

Check it out

RapidWeaver Theme Carabine version 1.1

Carabine Release

Check out our first RapidWeaver theme Carabine.

Carabine comes with custom colors & textures, custom layout sizes with optional fonts, sidebar sizes, and 3 logo positions. The sidebar comes loaded with a built-in jQuery accordion and datepicker. The slider rocks the jQuery Diapo photo slider. Other features include lots of social media buttons, a photo gallery lightbox and more.

Check it out here