Parallax Flight

Parallax Flight is a new release & a replacement for Parallax Stacks that features a ton of great requests our customers made.

  • Ability to force the stack to fit to the width of the browser window, when used in other themes
  • Parallax Flight can animate Horizontally as well as Vertically
  • You can animate the Stacks and text you place into Parallax Flight as will as the background images
  • Fully functional on iOS
  • Fully functional on mobile devices
  • Parallax Flight is compatible in all browsers including IE back to version 8
  • You can disable the foreground
  • Increased compatibility with other stacks
  • Control the speed of movement using pixel values instead of percentages, this give you more control over how far you want an image to move based on its size

30% Off code for new customers: 30_paraFlight_112013
30% Off code for standalone: 30_paraFSL_112013

Offer expires November 22, 2013

Check it out!