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Simple Position Pro

Simple Position Pro – New Release

Simple Position Pro adds some additional controls allowing you to size your containers and position your containers with percentages instead of only pixels. An additional feature allows you to force absolutely and fixed positioned containers in the center of the screen on page load (both vertically & horizontally). Finally, there is an option to cause your container to disappear on click (you can still use links too).

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Simple Text Free RapidWeaver Stack

Simple Text Pro

Simple Text Pro adds some cool new features. FlowText allows for responsive font size controls over your text and allows you to set minimums and maximums on both the font size and your text’s container. Easily import custom fonts with ease or choose from the basic web safe fonts. Project file included.

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Simple Headers Pro

Simple Headers Pro

Simple Headers Pro gives you awesome new features: FitText and Circle Type. In addition, you gain the ability to change your font to the main web safe fonts or easily import your own. (project file & commercial free font included)

FitText creates automatically responsive text that will fit to whatever the screen size is, but allows you to still set minimum and maximum font sizes (if you prefer).

Circle Type lets you bend your text into an arch to any degree even a full circle.

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Offer Expires July 18, 2014

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cinema rapidweaver theme logo

Retina Ready

Retina Ready is an image recognition and display tool that displays the best quality image for a user’s device. If the device has high resolution Retina Ready will detect and display your higher quality image without loading the other one and visa versa.

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Vimeo Connect

Vimeo Connect

Alright, everyone kept asking us for it after the YouTube connect, so here it is. Vimeo Connect allows you to easily add and customize Vimeo videos with customization options that are hard to match – we aimed to give you as much control as possible.

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YouTube Connect

YouTube & Instagram Connect

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YouTube Connect

YouTube Connect is a fully responsive RapidWeaver Stack that allows you to call in YouTube videos and customize them. Control their width, start time, auto-play and looping, hide controls, display relative videos, video info, and more. The controls added are designed to give you as much control as the Google API allows us so you can fit YouTube videos perfectly to your website.

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Instagram Connect

Instagram Connect allows you to add a 100% responsive Instagram feed to your Rapidweaver Stacks pages. Get images from your own account, or via a #hashtag. Wrap images in a link, add captions as an overlay, and exercise full control with robust customization options.

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Scotty RapidWeaver Stack

Scotty Stack Release + Icon Connect 2.2 Update


Scotty RapidWeaver StackScotty is a RapidWeaver stack that appears on scroll events allowing viewers to return to the top of your page with a single click. Perfect for pages with lots of content and with the smooth animation there’s no visual confusion when users click it.

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Icon Connect 2.2 Update

iconConnectNew effects and controls have been added to Icon Connect including gutter control, size control, newly vectored icons (supports larger sizes), and a coin flip animation effect.

*This is a free update for existing customers

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Booklit RapidWeaver Stack


The Booklit RapidWeaver Stack is an animated page display tool that presents content similar to that of a book, magazine, menu or brochure. Perfect for presenting data in a way that uses less page real estate while also engaging users in a way that keeps their interest. You can drag other stacks into the pages allowing you to use the versatility of the stacks market.

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Sticky Navs RapidWeaver Stack

Sticky Navs

Sticky Navs is a beautiful, easy to customize, RapidWeaver stack that allows you to place fixed position navigation menus. Using Font Awesome for icons to visually engage users and subtle animation effects for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Great for adding additional navigation options, organizing links (2 tier navigation), and conversions (i.e. Social media or purchase options).

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Touch Carousel

Touch Carousel

Add fully responsive carousels with touch/swipe capability. Simply swipe the carousel with your mouse or finger (if using a touch device). Images adjust to the screen size for users to display images or other stacks.

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Offer Expires February 14, 2014

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XL RapidWeaver Full Screen Stack

XL – New RW Stack

Go full screen with the XL Stack for Rapidweaver!

The XL Stack for Rapidweaver lets you display your site in the full width and height of the screen like a native application or video. Add a completely customizable button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen which switches between full-screen and small-screen.

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Awesome Maps

Awesome Maps

Awesome maps is a new Google Maps RapidWeaver Stack designed specifically for businesses and storefronts with multiple locations. Compatible and easy to customize.

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Offer Expires December 20, 2013

Font Awesome

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a free stack that allows you to use Font Awesome icons on any Stacks page.

Many of our own stacks use Font Awesome, though when multiple instances of the stacks are called on a page they were calling Font Awesome over and over again as well. To avoid this so sites would run quicker we now provide this free stack 🙂

Font Awesome

1. Drag Font Awesome onto the page anywhere (it won’t display in preview or when the site is published). This allows you to start using Font Awesome.

Snippet File

2. Drag the Font Awesome snippet into any text/html section. Then change the class to any Font Awesome icon you wish to use – see full list here.

Version 1.0.0 uses Font Awesome version 4.0.3.

Parallax Flight

Parallax Flight

Parallax Flight is a new release & a replacement for Parallax Stacks that features a ton of great requests our customers made.

  • Ability to force the stack to fit to the width of the browser window, when used in other themes
  • Parallax Flight can animate Horizontally as well as Vertically
  • You can animate the Stacks and text you place into Parallax Flight as will as the background images
  • Fully functional on iOS
  • Fully functional on mobile devices
  • Parallax Flight is compatible in all browsers including IE back to version 8
  • You can disable the foreground
  • Increased compatibility with other stacks
  • Control the speed of movement using pixel values instead of percentages, this give you more control over how far you want an image to move based on its size

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Offer expires November 22, 2013

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Simple Headers Free RapidWeaver Stack

Simple Headers

Simple Headers is a free RapidWeaver Stack that offers extended control over HTML Headers. Customization options allow you to easily change between Headers 1 – 6, Inherit font sytle or change it with control over font size, font weight, underlining, italicizing, and alignment (left, right, center, justify). Inherit coloring or change the color and hover color. Lastly, you can add a custom class of your choosing (optional).

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ourGlass offers beautiful loading animations that can be easily added to any page. Use CSS animations or add an animated gif of your own. The stack comes with 6 CSS loading icon animations with more to come.

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Ice Box

Minimal & Fully Responsive Lightbox. This subtle and beautiful Lightbox is commonly used in many of our latest themes’ gallery pages. After enough requests we made the popular Lightbox available for any Stacks page.

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