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heroic banner rapidweaver stack

Heroic Banner – New RapidWeaver Stack

Heroic Banner is an image based banner Stack. Place any other Stack inside this one and apply a background image to create unique effects. Show of your websites with Hero style banners that have attention grabbing animations. Get creative with multiple modes that trigger animations automatically, by scroll, mouse position, or even by tilting your mobile device side to side (using the 3d-parallax mode). You can even use awesome animated color gradients when you don’t want to use an image. Each mode just works and do not require setup, though you are given plenty of options to customize the appearance.

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Offer Expires October 7, 2016

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Siphon RapidWeaver Stack


Siphon is a Stack that enables you to create interactive question forms. These forms, or funnels, can be used to filter and direct your page visitors to specific pages, content, or links by asking them customizable questions using slides. The answers are stored and can also be used in further questions, submitted as data to PHP code, or even emailed to you. This Stack is great for increasing conversions for sales, helping with product support, or as visually impressive contact forms.

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Offer Expires September 16, 2016

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Live Data Google Spreadsheet Stack

Live Data

The Live Data Stack gives you the ability to import data live from Google Spreadsheets. This will allow you to update certain values and text in your web pages on the fly. Make lightning fast changes to your website without having to re-publish or even open RapidWeaver. Change values from anywhere you can access Google Spreadsheets, even from your mobile phone! The changes are nearly immediate and will appear the next time the page is loaded.

The Live Data Stack uses shortcodes so you can place the data anywhere on the stacks page, even inside other Stacks (Anywhere text is allowed). Get data from a single or even multiple spreadsheets at once. Use automated web apps to change your spreadsheet values so you never have to lift a finger to update your page.

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Offer Expires August 19, 2016

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Frontend RapidWeaver Stack


Are you comfortable with HTML but like the ease of RapidWeaver Stacks’ drag and drop setup? Know a little about CSS but prefer RapidWeaver Stacks’ intuitive settings panel for styling? The Frontend stack gives you all of the limitless design possibilities of HTML/CSS combined with the quick, easy, and intuitive setup of RapidWeaver Stacks.

No messing around with typing out long lines of code. Frontend will even handle all the browser prefixes for you with compatibility in all major browsers (IE9+). The only requirement is RapidWeaver Stacks version 3+.

30% Discount Code: 30_frontend_072016
Offer Expires August 5, 2016

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Walkthrough RapidWeaver Stack


Walkthrough is a RapidWeaver Stack for creating custom notices and alerts with highlighted effects. They are great for calling attention to certain parts on your web page or providing a guide to your content, forms, terms, tutorials, or anything else.

Customization options allow you to control the size and color of the notices. You can add an overlay to the web page, hide/show headers, and add/remove a primary and secondary button. The buttons have optional functions for closing the notices, navigating through the steps, or adding custom links.

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Offer Expires June 24, 2016

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS Page-Flux-RapidWeaver-Stack.png May 25, 2016 600 × 600 Edit Image Delete Permanently Title Page Flux - RapidWeaver Stack Caption Alt Text Description

Page Flux

Page Flux is a RapidWeaver stack that adds fluid loading animations in-between the pages of any RapidWeaver website. Simply drag and drop it in your project and get access to 29 animation options that are supported in all modern browsers (IE10+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge). With the help of PlusKit, you can even use this stack in non-stack plugin pages. Page Flux works in any RapidWeaver theme or stack’s framework like Pure for RapidWeaver and Joe Workman’s Foundation.

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Offer Expires June 3, 2016

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Live Search RapidWeaver Stack

Live Search – RapidWeaver Stack

Live Search is a search bar that you can add to any Stack’s page. It will allow visitors to search through your entire website for specific terms. There is absolutely no setup up required! No PHP support or database needed! No outsourcing the results from Google, just real time information gathered from your website. This live search bar will not even need to reload the page as the results will be displayed in real time.

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Offer Expires April 1, 2016

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Optic Stacks - RapidWeaver Stack by 1LD

Optic Stacks

Optic Stats is a professional way to show off your personal or company statistics. Perfect for portfolio, business, and fund raising websites. Use your own units, titles, and numbers that support commas and periods. Optionally add Font-Awesome Icons, make the numbers count up, and show an animated progress bar. You also have control over the animation speed, all the colors, and the size of the stack including font sizes.

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Offer Expires December 18, 2015

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Side Accordion - RapidWeaver Stack

Side Accordion

Side Accordion is a fully-responsive collapsible & expandable content display tool for RapidWeaver 5+ Stacks 2+. Control the size of the accordion & accordion title sections while the built-in automatic sizing protects the overall responsiveness for you. Lots of customization options give you control over the design as well so you can adapt the stack into any theme.

30% OFF Discount Code: 30_side_acc_082015
Offer Expires August 14, 2015

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Carousel Complete RapidWeaver Stack

Carousel Complete

Carousel Complete is an innovative touch friendly carousel and slider featuring the options for video and animation. Carousel images and videos are fully responsive and provide options for autoplay, auto-height, pagination designs, transition effects, and much more.

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Offer Expires July 31, 2015

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LinkedIn Connect RapidWeaver Stack

LinkedIn Connect

LinkedIn Connects allows you to easily drag and drop in several LinkedIn plugins designed to feed traffic to either your personal LinkedIn page or your company LinkedIn page. Plugins in this stack include Share & Follow buttons, member profile, company profile, and company insider.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_linkedin_072015
Offer Expires July 24, 2015

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Countdown Clock RW Stack

Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock is our latest RW Stack that allows single sections of your page to be revealed when a clock has fully counted down as well as a whole page overlay. There are 3 built-in themes that display the clock, responsive controls, colors, sizing, and more.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_countdownC_062015
Offer Expires June 26, 2015

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More details:
Control the basic sizes and colors with the global wrapper or override them with the individual timing sections including Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds. Wording changes dynamically and you can choose what words are used.

Overlay option will reveal the content of an entire page once the clock finishes or can alternatively redirect to another URL for added security.

Cinema Slider RapidWeaver Stack

Cinema Slider

Cinema Slider is your go-to-stack for stack sliders. It’s fully responsive, offers 28 transitions, takes in images, videos, and captions. Super light weight coding offers fast load times and with customizable frames you can style it to match any theme design.

30% Off Discount Code: 30_cinemaSlider_062015
Offer Expires June 12, 2015

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Pinterest Connect Stack for RapidWeave

Pinterest Connect

Make your site’s Pin count skyrocket with Pinterest Connect. Eye-catching & easy-to-setup Pinterest Connect is perfect for any Pinterest user who wants to display pins, Pinterest Boards, Pinterest Portfolios, and Pinterest Buttons on their site.

Pinterest Buttons display all the images on your page in a beautiful grid layout. Pinterest Follow buttons let other Pinterest user easily follow your account. You can even set Pinterest Buttons to appear when any images are hovered on your page (like in the preview page’s logo).

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Offer Expires May 29, 2015

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Typography Stack Suite

Typography – Stack Suite

Typography Stack Suite

Typography is a 6 stack suite focused purely on editing text and includes a Core used for setting global controls, Headers, Text, Code, Buttons and a Font Importer. Global controls are added to improve responsive features and save time when building pages, but styles can still be overridden in individual stacks. The Typography stack suite is designed specifically to give you full style control over all your text ranging from size, colors, shadows, rotation, 3d skewing, hover & active effects, transition speeds and much more. Completely customize your own or choose from a variety of themes we have built-in (those can be customized a bit too).

30% Off Discount Code: 30_typography_042015
Offer Expires May 8, 2015

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Please let me know what you think as well. If you have ideas or recommendations to how I can make Typography even better please let me know – I am always looking for ways to improve my products.

Super Forms - RapidWeaver Stack

Super Forms

Super Forms is a php based RapidWeaver Stack that lets you easily create extremely flexible and beautifully engaging & responsive contact forms. Customize it to any theme with complete control over colors, animations, and the order of all form elements. Decide if fields should be required, how many characters they should require, give custom messages, and include a human tester to avoid spam.

30% off discount code: 30_superForms_042015
Offer Expires April 24, 2015

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Hide RapidWeaver Stack

Hide – New FREE Stack

To kick things off I have a new free stack for you too. HIDE is a simple stack that does exactly what it’s name suggests… it hides content on your page, though you can also use it to reveal content. HIDE is made for parts of your website that you don’t want to display to users or only want to display to users when they are viewing your site in particular screen sizes, such as on a tablet or smart phone. Simply place stacks inside of hide and choose what screen sizes you want to hide/reveal the content in.

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Parallax Switch

Parallax Switch

Parallax Switch is a major update to the previously titled Parallax Shift (if you own Shift then you get Switch free). Parallax Switch adds several new features including: display current scroll position (for setting up), 7 animations with speed control, “Display at Distance” in descending order (no longer ascending). The update should make the stack dramatically simpler to use.

The preview page is still being built, but you can see a demo of it in our new and Free PURE Project File appropriately titled Switch.

30% Discount for Parallax Switch: 30_pSwitch_092014
Offer Expires Sept 26, 2014

To Purchase “Switch” use the link of the Pure4RW page. If you already own Parallax Shift then you can get this for free using our Purchase Order Lookup page.


Pure – New Release

Pure Stacks

Pure is our most advanced product to date offering all the tools you need to create an awesome website in one package.

Utilizing Yahoo!’s powerful “Pure” styling library you can easily create buttons, forms, grids, menus, tables, sliders, images with built-in lightbox, and much more – all packaged as stacks. No customizing using the RW Style Options section – all styling is done in the stacks.

To make it even easier for you we’ve packaged 3 project files, which function as themes due to the structure, so you can see the diversity of Pure and have immediate access to great starting points in your designing.

Whether you are completely new to RapidWeaver and/or Stacks or you are a veteran, Pure makes site designing simple, fun, and extremely fast.

30% Discount Code: 30_Pure_2014
Offer Expires August 29, 2014

Summary of product contents:

  • 1 theme (this has none of the design elements – all styling is done through project files and stacks)
  • 3 project files, which function similar to themes
  • 10 stacks, including 1 Pure core stack, 4 form element stacks (15 stacks total)