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Pure for RapidWeaver

This is your complete, responsive, and lightweight toolbox. 12 Multi-functional Stacks, 6 Template Stacks, and 1 Custom-Ready Theme, all bundled together in one package. It's everything you need to efficiently create your own custom websites!

Free Pure Project Files

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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

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RapidWeaver 6

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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

*All Project Files require Pure for RapidWeaver

Pure + 1LD Stacks Project Files

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RapidWeaver 6

1LD Stacks Used:
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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

1LD Stacks Used:
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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

1LD Stacks Used:
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RapidWeaver 5 & 6

1LD Stacks Used:



Navigate with ease. Unhampered with the extra css, js, or image files, your site will operate with light load times without tons of unnecessary files. Pure Stacks uses a minified CSS file carrying only about 6KB, giving you what you need without the fluff.


All the stacks you need to create your website are included. But if you wanted more, Pure will also work in any other theme that accepts Stacks. Cut down your time from building from scratch and assemble your entire website from RapidWeaver Stacks.


Your website will look great on any screen size. All of the included stacks are built to be responsive. In addition, every design/function you see displayed on this page has been made with Pure Themes and Stacks only.
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Project Files

To make building and learning simple, we provide free RapidWeaver Sandwich files for download. These files are created with Pure Stacks and can be used as starting points for your designs. We will be releasing more project files in the future.

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Template Stacks

Using Stacks new feature we are also able to supply you with 6 Template Stacks. These templates can be dragged/dropped to quickly set up a footer, slider, content section, or sticky navigation menu.

Custom Designs

Due to the powerful flexibility and versatility of Pure, creating uniquely designed sites is simple, fun, and extremely fast. Whether you're using Pure for your own sites or to wow a client, each build can be limitlessly different.

3rd Party Stacks

Not only are you able to use other 3rd Party Stacks in the Pure Theme we also encourage it! Though we cannot guarantee that all Stacks will be compatible with Pure, our support team will do their best to help you out if you run into any problems. Don't forget to check out the awesome 3rd Party Stacks at 1LD.
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Pure for RapidWeaver was created to give RapidWeaver and Stacks users a way to create their own custom designed websites while also making it simple, fun, and extremely fast. In fact, this entire website design was created with it.

Pure for RapidWeaver is a product by 1 Little Designer.
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Latest Releases

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