Responsive Design
Fully Responsive RapidWeaver Stack
for Displaying Testimonials & Reviews


  • Easily drag and drop quote sections designed specifically for customer reviews and testimonials. Simple design with subtle animation makes cleanQuotes great for any online business.
    Your Name Lead Developer
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    Testimonial / cleanQuote's inner section allows you to place other stacks inside easily. This is designed to perfectly implement the built-in Stacks (i.e. Text, HTML).
    Don Villareal description
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    Built-in Themes and Customization options allow you to adapt cleanQuotes to any RapidWeaver theme. The light weight plugins ensures fast loading speed and browser adaptability.
    Jonathan Meadows Developer, 1LD
  • Here is an example of another popular testimonial option. Easily switch between 5 different themes: Subtle, Minimalist, Soft Shadows, Quote Cloud, & Quote Cloud New (see Themes page to see live demos of all these themes).
    Quote Box :: Example
Compatible in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 9+

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I place inside the quote / testimonial section?

A. You can place built-in stacks, such as text, HTML, images, etc. This will likely support other stacks and 3rd party stacks, though the display may be effected. Videos can be placed inside, though they will need to be re-sized for display.

Q. Is there a limit to how many cleanQuotes go on a page

A. There is no limit to the amount of cleanQuotes that go on a page and each one can be individually customized including the inner quote sections inside of each cleanQuote

Q. Where can cleanQuotes be placed on a page?

A. Anywhere where Stacks can be placed. If you wish to place these in sections of your theme that are not a Stacks page you will need an importing plugin, such as PlusKit

Q. Can I turn off the animation?

A. If you place a single quote there will be no animation or transition effect