See what Hang Glider Does...

Resize and watch everything " HANG GLIDE " to a new location

The 'Hang Glider' stack takes your normal stacks page and turns it up a notch by making it Responsively Animated. Now when screen sizes are increased or deceased Hang Glider will take each stack section and animate it smoothly into place. Each 'Glide' animates randomly to give an continually unique experience for all users. Stacks is ideal for visually stunning article layouts, image galleries, and video galleries.


Developed by 1LD for RapidWeaver. This stacks adds flare to any premium Rapidweaver site. It takes the content that you want and remixes it into a nice fitted layout.

The great thing about it is that it not only makes it interesting for readable content, but also takes media to an all new level. Check out the
Galley Page.
Now multiple size images can fit nicely.

Try out HangGlider you wont regret it!

Check out this same page without HangGlider.

Without HangGlider
Stacks Image 10


We take the time and effort to provide Premium Rapidweaver Themes, Stacks and Support. We value our customers, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and support.


Unlike the standard columns that come with stacks. HangGlider goes the extra mile with making content responsive for mobile displays. This means that the content will be legible and easy to access with in mobile devices. Try it out!
The Premium Rapidweaver theme being used to display HangGlider is none other than our Cinema. Cinema is a responsive theme that makes photo viewing fun and enjoyable.

The combination of
HangGlider and Cinema create a fantastic combo that completely takes care of mobile viewing. The two were almost made for each other.

They're two great
Premium Rapidweaver themes and stacks to own.


Light Box

In addition to what HangGlider achieves it is also equipped with a light box feature which make photo viewing easier and enjoyable. The photos are drag and drop which make it easier for our users to use. This is another premium feature that HangGlider offers for Rapidweaver users.

Click on a picture and give it a try!


HangGlider named after the way a hang glider glides with ease to a new location. Watching the content travel to new locations is part of the excitement of what HangGlider has to offer. This is an exciting Stack that we at 1LD offer.
Rapidweaver HangGlider Stacks was created with the idea of having content that can fit and intertwine. Inspired from the gallery in our Premium Theme Canari. We wanted that amazing function to be offered to every RapidWeaver user.

Premium Rapidweaver Products

Premium Rapidweaver Products are what we strive to create. We at 1LD do update our products so that our customers are up to date.
Stacks Image 180
HangGlider complete with 7 unique types of columns starting from 1 column to a customizable column for those who feel adventurous.

Each one is ready to glide to where ever it sees fit...



Try out HangGlider in mobile. It is one of the most unique Premium RapidWeaver Stacks that tends to the need of being mobile friendly. Time was taken to figure out the best combination for HangGlider to interact with mobile displays. We at 1LD understand the need for mobile options and Responsive Websites.


The versatility of HangGlider was achieved with hours of thinking and coding to make sure all 1LD customers get best product that we can offer. HangGlider takes regular sites and amps up what they are capable of doing. Try combining it with some of our Premium RapidWeaver Themes such as:



Styling for HangGlider depends mainly on the built in features in Rapid Weaver Stacks. What ever you were able to achieve in the standard stacks can be achieved in the similar fashion in HangGlider. It all depends on what the user wants to achieve.

The styling for this
Cinema page is just using a margin of about 10px for the bottom and right for every item. This can easily be adjusted to what ever is needed. The styling for this Premium Rapidweaver Stack was designed to make it easy and user friendly.
Shown in Cinema also utilizing CleanVideos.

Check out this same page without HangGlider.

Without HangGlider