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The Direction of PURE + Free theme

My latest product PURE is so different from my other products that I gave it a separate domain ofΒ PURE breaks away from the often limiting Style Options built into themes and allows for the more robust customization found in Stacks. This allows me to also build out Project Files that serve as functional themes provided you already have Stacks and Pure.

Moving forward: I will continue to build Themes and Stacks as I have been while also continually building new Project Files for PURE that are Free. These Free Project Files are essentially Themes for the PURE framework. In addition, I’ll be using some of my other Stacks to add cool features inside the Project Files. If you already own the Stacks & Pure then you have a Free product ready to launch. If you don’t already own some of the Stacks in the Project File you aren’t bound to purchasing them, though you won’t have their added functionality – this might be preferred by some users who have similar stacks by other developers that they prefer to use.

If there are PURE Project Files that you would like to see built then let me know and I’ll add it to my list πŸ™‚


This week I’ve built a PURE theme designed with photographers and portfolio sites in mind. Minimal in design with some slick and flashy features that make it a great single page website.

It utilizes some additional stacks outside of PURE including cleanBinders, Sticky Navs, Awesome Maps and Scotty. To kick things off I’m offering 20% off on all those stacks – the Project File is free of course.

20% Off coupon code:Β 20_JohnnyStacks_092014

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