Select Text to Display twitterConnect Feeds

  1. Double Click to Install
  2. Drag & Drop from Stacks under 1LD section
  3. Wrap desired texts in the following code (Snippet now included in download folder)
<span class="twitter_search">DESIRED TEXT</span>

Adding Fixed Positioning to All twitterConnect Pop-up Boxes

Some users have requested that every twitterConnect pop-up boxes to display in the place. For display purposes I recommend that you do this only when placing an iFrame on a page or else screen size can change each users experience. If you’re certain you want to then place the following code into the Page Info > Header > CSS section.

.search-results {
     left: 100px !important;
     top: 400px !important;
     position: fixed !important;

Note that the pixel amounts next to “left” and “top” will need to be adjusted to where on the page or iFrame you wish the boxes to appear.