PURE 1.5

PURE 1.5

Pure Text New: Breakpoint options for complete control over Pure Grid’s Responsivness New: h1-h6 tags now have default values for quicker set up New: Settings menu has been set up to be more intuitive Fixed: Rotated text no longer gets cut off Pure Slider New updated icon Fixes an error that would sometimes cause the slider to keep loading Pure Menus New Offset option for single page menus, this provides better alignment when sections of the page are navigated to Increased how quickly the menu loads Minor bug fixes Pure Grids New: Breakpoint options for complete control over Pure Grid’s […]

Hemera 2.0

Hemera RapidWeaver Theme Logo

One of our most popular RapidWeaver themes just got even cooler. Too make Hemera easier to setup while also giving you even more customization control we’ve added 5 Stacks and 4 Template Stacks. We’ve also made some awesome performance improvements and a new background options. This is a free update 30% Discount Code: 30_hemera_052015 Offer Expires May 23, 2015 See new preview page All new features: 5 Stacks are available to assist the theme Slider & Slide Stacks Added - with more options than the built in slider & super Easy Setup Menu Stack Added - more customization & super Easy Setup Column Stack Added - […]

Asgard 2.0

Asgard RapidWeaver Theme

The latest Asgard update offers some awesome new features. Improved banner image integration makes the process of adding pictures even easier and adds new touch & video support including parallax customization options. Asgard is now equipped with Bootstrap to improve speed and performance including many minor bug fixes and responsiveness improvements. This is a free update 25% Discount Code: 25_Asgard_032015 Offer Expires April 3, 2015 Check it out!

PURE Update

Metro - PURE project file theme

BIG Update for PURE including another free Project File called “Metro.” A new stack is now included with PURE called PreLoad and allows you to place pre-loading images on your pages before the content fully loads. Other updates include: Singe page menu responsiveness added Mobile button (hamburger) color control fixed Logo responsiveness added Form customization added: Max-width, border-radius, background color, placeholder text color, input text color, border color, shadow color This is a free update 20% Off Coupon Code: 20_PURE_022015 Offer Expires March 6, 2015 Check out Metro Check out PURE

Pure 1.1 Update


Latest update to PURE adds: New Pure Grids option: Match the Grid’s height to the height of the user’s browser window New Pure Grids option: Position the Grid absolutely, this will allow you to place content over the top of other stacks (Demoed in the “Switch” Project File) New Pure Grids option: The Sticky “On + Hide” option will cause the Grid to hide when users scroll down the page (For use with Pure Menus) (Demoed in the “Switch” Project File) New Pure Slider option: Change the colors of an all new background and loader for the slider. This loader […]

Canari 2.0

Canari 2.0 RapidWeaver Theme

Canari 2.0 is a big update to one of our best selling themes of all time. Here is a list of the changes: Foundation 5 is used to add new functionality to the site 5 more extra content sections are added New full width slider as an option New menu that supports endless tiers (no limit on the amount of subcategories) New mobile menu Content displays on mobile devices in an improved look New page loading animation (can be turned off) JavaScript cleaned up for faster load times (jQuery & jQuery UI APIs are being called) New Fonts Added (Aileron, […]

Carpe Diem & cleanTabs Minor Patch

Carpe Diem Rapidweaver Theme Screenshot

A couple very small patches were made to cleanTabs and the Carpe Diem theme. Carpe Diem Fixed responsive conflict with various stacks Other minor bugs were fixed cleanTabs Removes font-family call – will now inherit theme font or Stacks assigned font For updates please use our Purchase Order Lookup page.

California 1.2.0 Update

California RapidWeaver Theme Screenshot

New California update offers added functionality to the Slider. Banner Transition Snippet Banner Caption Text Color Options Banner Caption Text Size Options Banner Caption Background Options Social Media Hover Contact Form Border If you wish to add the snippet manually (simply replace the word random with any of the other effects you wish to use): function camera(){ $(‘#camera_wrap’).camera({ fx: ‘random’, //’random’,'simpleFade’, ‘curtainTopLeft’, ‘curtainTopRight’, ‘curtainBottomLeft’, ‘curtainBottomRight’, ‘curtainSliceLeft’, ‘curtainSliceRight’, ‘blindCurtainTopLeft’, ‘blindCurtainTopRight’, ‘blindCurtainBottomLeft’, ‘blindCurtainBottomRight’, ‘blindCurtainSliceBottom’, ‘blindCurtainSliceTop’, ‘stampede’, ‘mosaic’, ‘mosaicReverse’, ‘mosaicRandom’, ‘mosaicSpiral’, ‘mosaicSpiralReverse’, ‘topLeftBottomRight’, ‘bottomRightTopLeft’, ‘bottomLeftTopRight’, ‘bottomLeftTopRight’ }); };

Canari 1.5.3 Update

new canari screenshot

New version of Canari offers more banner control for users. Banner Transition Snippet added to download files Banner Caption Text Color Options added Banner Caption Text Size Options added Banner Caption Background Options added For tutorials on how to use the new features see the Canari Tutorials page.

California 1.1 Update

California RapidWeaver Theme Screenshot

Some minor changes have been made to the California theme. Most of these features were simple aesthetic changes added by request of customers. mobile nav appearance Nav active / inactive color fix banner transition set to ‘simpleFade’ banner pie loader removed Fixed navigation hover error

Cinema 1.1.0 Update

cinema rapidweaver theme screenshot

New option to adjust the maximum width of the site. Default was 1260px, now you can set it to 1024px, 960px, and even turn the maximum width off all together. (smaller max-widths make some pages look especially nice, turning it off makes the site look insane! in a good way! no max-width works great with Hang Glider stacks ) New option to turn off the underline that appears when you hover over the navigation menu items New options to add color to the sub navigation menus (nav ul ul). You can change the color of the text as well as […]

Cabernet 1 Now FREE

cabernet rapidweaver theme

I suppose not a whole lot needs to be said here. Cabernet 1 has been out for a while and we don’t get many support questions on it any more… we were considering discontinuing the theme, but thought we’d just make it Free and still offer support. It’s replacement theme, Cabernet 2, is fully responsive and offers a whole lot more than the first, though the first is still very engaging for minimalistic and photo-oriented sites. See the Demo Download

Canari v1.5.0 Update

new canari screenshot

I released a blog just recently regarding a major update to Canari, though I thought I’d include a few of the major features briefly. Completely Responsive design Limitless sliders (as many or few as you want) Sliders adjustable by page (unique slider controls for each page) Video option for slider Mobile re-design (fits theme even more nicely) Font size enlarged for mobile devices

Canari Made Responsive

new canari screenshot

Our RapidWeaver theme “Canari” just underwent a huge update! So if you’re an existing customer please make sure to download. For new customers, there is no increase on the price, the responsive features are added completely FREE of charge. Biggest news regarding the update is that the theme is made completely responsive. The preview site should be updated shortly, though it doesn’t currently display the new responsive features. All the look, theme settings, etc. is all the same, so don’t fear any design changes or aesthetic switches (that was not tampered with). The other major change is that the slider […]

iconShare UI patch (v.1.0.1)

iconShare Logo

This small patch fixes a conflict issue with Hang Glider where if you tried to activate both stacks in the past they would conflict in the back-end. This issue is now resolved. If you use both stacks I recommend re-downloading only iconShare (Free or Pro).

Conversa Theme Update V1.5.0

Conversa RapidWeaver Theme Screenshot

New Features: 8 New Textures New Colour Options New Option to change the Height of the Banner (100px-650px) New Option to add texture to the Main Content New layout Options for the Banner & Main Content Areas New design & layout for mobile devices New Option for the Slider captions to change from a solid color to transparent white or black Bug Fixes: Now compatible with the “Consolidate CSS” option in the preferences menu IE8 and earlier compatibility enhancements Shadows & Coloring fixes Other minor bug fixes Check it out

Canari Theme Update V1.0.4

new canari screenshot

New Features: New style option to change the color of the body New style option to turn the Mobile version of the site off and on New style option to turn Masonry Gallery off and on New style option to change the lines from black to white for darker themed sites New style option to change the caption background color to black Bug Fixes: Now compatible with the “Consolidate CSS” option in the preferences menu Fixed the link hover effects in the blog page Other minor bug fixes

Conversa Update Version 1.1

Conversa RapidWeaver Theme Screenshot

The last patch for Conversa (Version 1.1) includes the following: New Features: Added CSS3 animation to all Social Media Icons Complete redesign for the Photo Gallery, including smooth CSS3 transition hover effects for photo descriptions Complete redesign for the Movie Gallery Added Styled Headings, Dates, Tags, & Categories to the Blog page to make it more stylish & readable Added Javascript encoded Headings to the Blog Sidebar Added the option to change the base size Font from 9pt-16pt (originally set to 11pt) Changed the Font Size coding to “percent” & “em” so the content text remains fully scalable for mobile devices […]

Carabine Update Version 1.1

RapidWeaver Theme Carabine version 1.1

The last patch for Carabine (Version 1.1) includes the following fixes: Added Snippet for adding your own images to the Diapo Slider Added an option to display a single image in place of the slider Added Snippet to add your own photo to the single image header Modified the main navigation to be more accessible Added “Breadcrumbs” to the top of the content area to display on sub pages Fix for Small Overlapping Gradient in Footer Zip file now includes Terms and Conditions Various minor bug fixes Check it out