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New & Updated Stacks

Animated Hero Banners.
Requires: Stacks 3

Interactive Animated Form & Funnel.
Requires: Stacks 3

Display live content from Google Spreadsheets on your webpages.

Simplified but full HTML & CSS control.
Requires: Stacks 3

Save space with styled collapsible contentText, Images, & Other Stacks.

Customizable step by step notices and calls to action.

Animated loading between web pages.

Site wide search bar for locating pages that contain searched terms.

Live Instagram image and video feed.

Suite of stacks that make it easy to create flexible contact forms.

Animated stats and numbers.

Interactive contentText, Images, & Other Stacks sections that flip to reveal more content.

Must Have Stacks

Suite of stacks that let you design your own custom websites.

Scrolling animated backgrounds and contentText, Images, & Other Stacks.

Easy to setup responsive column layouts.

Animated contentText, Images, & Other Stacks sorting with visual knob/dial menu.

Google Maps layout for multiple locations.

3D animated book style gallery for images and text.

Image and video carousel and slider.

Complete CSS control without all the code.

Easily allow vistors to return to the top of your page.

Social Media Stacks

Facebook linked like buttons, share buttons, and comments.

Share your LinkedIn profile.

Add Pinterest buttons to your images.

Responsive YouTube video player.

Responsive Vimeo video player.

More Stacks

Customizable table lists and pricing charts.

Light-weight and extremely customizable tabs.

Custom fixed position navigation menus.

Suite of stacks designed to give you control over your text.

Animated link and tag cloud.

Customizable and styled quotes.

Image and video slideshow/banner.

Collapsible and expandable contentText, Images, & Other Stacks sections.

Light-weight and extremely customizable side binder.

Mouse activated moving backgrounds.

Countdown clock with revealable contentText, Images, & Other Stacks.

Search bar for finding terms on a single page.

HTML5 video stack.

ContentText, Images, & Other Stacks captions that reveal on mouse hover.

Social media icon links.

Mouse hover activated tips.

Display your site in the full width and height of the visitor's screen.

Mobile phone and laptop mock-up iframes.

Image Reflections.

Alternate images for high resolution (retina) devices

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